All-Female F-Class: Team X-IT Strategy

by McMillan

Some things are simply meant to be. Last year, Jenniffer Bondurant brought together a group of girls and women to form an all-female F-Class shooting team. She named the group Team X-IT Strategy. Launched in 2017, our McMillan XIT stock is a modified and improved version of the Prone stock, specifically designed for FTR and F-Class shooters. Concerned that Team X-IT’s name might conflict with that of our XIT stock, Jenniffer reached out to McMillan. Kelly not only eased her concerns but quickly decided to sponsor the team. He then worked to supply this talented group of shooters with XIT stocks, and they have been winning championships ever since.


Team X-IT Strategy consists of 5 adult women and 4 female junior shooters—one of which is on hiatus for her college studies. F-Class legend Robert Mead has become the team’s wind coach, and according to Jenniffer things have been consistently improving since they received their stocks.

“Bob handles our young ladies like they were his granddaughters,” Jenniffer said. “And they love him—when we go to a shoot that’s the first thing they ask me: ‘Where’s Bob?’ Originally, I decided I wanted to put together an all-female team. I had shot on multiple teams and the teams really struggle to stay together, or you’re just shooting with three guys this time and three other people the next time. I wanted to have an organized team, so I thought: ‘Why not all-female?’ And here we are!”

Jenniffer partially attributes their success to selecting a team of shooters able to equally work hard independently and pull together as a group.

“Everybody knows what their job is, everybody knows what they’re supposed to do, and you can concentrate on what you’re doing and not worry about everybody else,” Jenniffer said.

Each shooter is a performer in their own right, and they range from young high school students under 5-feet to long-time shooters who are retirees. They hold or co-hold eight national records. Among this group of nine shooters, records have been passed on one to the other, and several hold rankings alongside the men’s records.

Jenniffer said it can be challenging for female shooters to attend matches because they often have a family and kids to take care of. It’s more than just taking off work. Her young shooters have to take significant time off school to attend matches and then make up for it, but like any good family, they’re there for each other and highly organized. McMillan is thrilled to be a part of this family, just look at the current Team X-IT Strategy records:


300-yard 20 shot, Women and Junior, Sydnie Lipski, 200-16

500-yard 20 shot, Women, Sydnie Lipski, 200-12

600-yard 20 shot, Women, Jenniffer Bondurant, 200-16

1,000-yard 20 shot, Women, Laura Perry, 199-6

  • Women (pending), Jenniffer Bondurant, 200-11
  • and Junior, Abigail Victoria, 199-6

Mid-range 60 shot, Women and Junior, Sydnie Lipski, 598-39

On this list, a name stands out: Sydnie Lipski. Miss Lipski is the newest junior addition to X-IT and alongside Miss Victoria, they clean house. Being young and small of stature, Sydnie’s father Al wanted to design a custom F-Class stock for her when she started shooting long-range. He worked out the kinks with various iterations and additional testing by other shooters. McMillan was able to duplicate and refine this stock using our fiberglass molds. It’s incredibly low-profile, ambidextrous, and has an adjustable keel that can be surface mounted or machined in depending on one’s needs. The real advantage here is that Al provides shooters that need to be lower to the ground a stock that far out-perform other smaller, entry-level stocks on the market. It is also used by team member Jessica Anderson, this stock is perfect beside our XIT stocks on the team, sharing many of the same advantages but in a smaller package. Orders for this stock by McMillan can be placed through Al. We were happy to work with Al and Sydnie on this design and pleased that she recently placed first overall in the Michigan 1,000-yard State Championships with a 973-26. Keep hitting those X’s Sydnie!

As a team, further proving the XIT stock, X-IT Strategy currently holds the Texas State Rifle Association Long Range Championship in FTR Team aggregate, with 2329-75. Jennifer is the Missouri FTR State Champion, where Abigail is the Junior Champion. The current Southwest National FTR Junior Champion is Morgan Abbott.

Last September, Kelly was able to come out and support the team at the Nationals in Raton, NM. He witnessed Claudette Joe become the current National FTR Junior Champion. Team member, Laura Perry took High Woman in FTR, finishing 7th overall and 1st Expert. Such success should also be attributed to how the team supports one another and how knowledge and techniques are constantly being passed between experienced shooters and juniors.

Jenniffer gave some advice regarding setting up an XIT and placing an order:

“If you’re already shooting and you’re not somebody new coming into the sport, if you can set that rifle up as close to what you’re currently shooting then it’s gonna take a lot of the learning curve of using the stock out of the equation.”

Our McMillan XIT has a butt that’s centerline with the bore and has a 5-degree angle for minute adjustments. It works with most F-Class single-shot and blind magazine actions and comes with an adjustable cheekpiece. It can be fitted with a 2-way or 3-way adjustable butt plate as well as either a Freeland or Anschutz type handstop rail. The stock is ambidextrous and available in our range of custom colors.

“When people order a McMillan stock,” Jenniffer said. “They should go to the website, download the order form, and fill it out so when they call to order all of those questions have been asked and answered.”

61581501_669421466832886_7841404543442092032_nTo build their guns and ammo, Team X-IT Strategy has been assisted by several other generous sponsors such as Stiller Actions, Krieger Barrels, Capstone Precision, Chamber Chillers, and our own ELRHQ.com—a one-stop webstore for all your long-range shooting equipment needs. We couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of this team and we can’t wait to see what these women and young ladies will do in the future. It couldn’t be said better than this story from Jenniffer—to us, this is what competitive shooting teams are all about:

“The highlights have been watching our junior girls come into their own and watching them mature as shooters. These young ladies have come together so strongly that they’re Facebook friends and they text each other. I guess the biggest compliment I’ve had is when we won the Texas State Championship—me and the three young shooters—afterwards everybody goes to this place to eat and the three young girls go over and sit down together. When they saw me walking over to sit with all the adults they said: ‘No you come sit with us.’ That was a very touching moment for me.”

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