You can download our price list from our build your own tab. Due to the amount of options any individual stock may have, the price list can be overwhelming. We recommend that you call us at 623-582-9635 so that we can help.

There is no set “fixed” price on any of our stocks. Our pricing is designed to let all of our customers get just what they want (within limits) and not have to pay for anything they do not want or need. So you can be a gunsmith who just wants a basic inlet or fully inletted stock blank to finish and accessorize yourself, or you can be a customer who wants a full finished stock ready to bolt his or hers rifle into.

Our price list is broken down into two basic sections where most stocks in that group are all priced the same. For the “Hunting and Sporting” type stocks look in the “hunting” section for the current price for a fully inletted blank.  Now click or look in the “stock options or accessories list”. You will see many optional items here and the price each option will add to the base price. For a hunting stock you can choose from two different recoil pads and specify the length of pull. Just add the price of the pad you choose to the base price. Now for sling or bipod attachment points you can choose standard sling studs or flush cups for flush applications. Just choose what you want and how many and add those prices to the base price and pad price to get a total price for the stock.

In the Tactical and Competition stock section, look again to see the starting base price. These stocks typically have a more solid fiberglass filler material which requires slower inletting speeds and more inletting for stock options and accessories and are priced higher than the hunting stocks because of the increased CNC machine time. Go to the stock options and accessories list. Not all stocks have all the options available for them so check with us if you have questions. If you want an adjustable cheekpiece, pick one and add that price to the base price. Choose what you want on the butt – just a recoil pad or one of the adjustable butt assemblies and add that price. For sling or bipod attachments choose standard sling studs or flush cups and how many and add those prices. Decide if you want optional accessory rails and bipod studs and add the price. If you want pre-installed machined-in metal pillars around the guard screw holes just specify that and add the price. Now add everything up to get a total price of a stock equipped just the way you want it.