Edge Tech – is our ultra light stock. It is made out of carbon fiber cloth, not fiberglass. Edge Tech is the lightest we can make a stock pattern.

Standard – The majority of our stocks are filled with standard fill, also called sporter fill. It is composed of solid fiberglass throughout the forearm and action area. A dense 2 part foam is used in the butt stock. This fill is used for all calibers up to and including .300 win mag.

Magnum – This fill is used for heavy recoil calibers and magnum caliber rifles, mainly on hunting stocks. It is constructed the same as standard fill except heavier and thicker fiberglass is used in the recoil lug and action area to withstand recoil and be easier on the shooter. It will be used for anything above a .300 win mag caliber.

Sniper – This fill is mainly used on magnum calibers on our tactical stocks. It is the same as magnum fill except there is lightweight fiberglass in the butt stock, not foam. This is so hardware can be installed into the butt stock if so desired. With the fiberglass being in the butt, it also helps to balance out rifles with large barrel contours.