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Four McMillan Shooters Hold A National Record

glass 2McMillan Fiberglass Stocks has been invested in the shooting sports for years, sponsoring matches, teams and individual shooters. We are excited to announce that this year at Nationals, pending NRA approval, four McMillan shooters will hold the 1000yrd and 600yrd National records in both F-Open and FTR! Here at McMillan, we always prided ourselves on the quality of our stocks. Now we have the best shooters in the industry to support that.

Congratulations Norm Harrold, Raymond Gross, Jim Fowler, and Peter Johns on your National records. 

F-Open 1000yrds Norm Harrold 200-22x

FTR 1000yrds Raymond Gross 200-16x

F-Open 600yrds Jim Fowler 200-23x

FTR 600yrds Peter Johns 200-18x


Norm Harrold

Norman Harrold started shooting F-class competitively in 2015. Since that time he has become Captain of Team McMillan F-open. He considers his home range thumbnail_1570647743912blobTulsa Redcastle Gun club.

2019- Indiana Team Championship 1st place.

2019- TSRA Texas Long Range State Championship third place.

2018 NRA Long Range National Championship first place.

2018 NRA 1000yrd national record 200.22x.

2018 Louisiana State Mid-Range Championship first place.

2018 NRA Mid-range national record 600yrds 600-52x.

2017 Berger Southwest Nationals Team third place.

2017 NRA National Team Palma record 1789-100x.

2017 Sierra Cup second place.

2016 Oklahoma State Champion.

Raymond Gross

Ray IMG_5810

Ray’s shooting career began quite early in life hunting with his Dad.  By 12 years old, a hand-me-down .22 rifle was a constant companion.  He began competing in NRA matches in 1991, as a Service Rifle shooter and earned a place on the Michigan Rifle team in 1993 and 1994.  He earned his Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge in 1995 and began competing in the Palma class that year.

Ray has represented the USA as a Shooter or Coach on three Palma teams, two Australia Match Teams, and eight America Match teams.  He has been the winning coach on numerous events in Canada and the U.S. over the last decade.  His international accomplishments include a Silver medal as a shooter on the 2003 U.S. Palma Team, a Silver and Bronze medal as a coach on the 2015 and 2019 U.S. Palma Team, three Gold medals as a coach on the 2008, 2014 and 2016 U.S. America Match Team. The 2014 team set a new record for team aggregate score. He was Captain of the 2016 Gold medal America Match F-Class Team.

In F-Class, he was the FTR individual Silver medalist at the first F-Class Nationals in 2004 and has coached the FTR National Championship Team squad in 2004, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017.

Ray shot his first ELR event this year and won the NRA ELR National Championship doing it!

Jim Fowler

thumbnail_IMG_6007 (002)Jim grew up hunting and shooting from the age of 6 when he got his first 22LR rifle. He started shooting competitively in College in the late ’80s with the Army ROTC. After college, he shot competitive skeet and sporting clay, winning Arkansas State “B” class in skeet in 1991. He and a friend shot in the very first Chevy Sportsman Challenge in 1991 at Minden, LA, Jim Clarks home range. Placing 4th overall in the event shooting against sponsor teams such as S&W. In the mid-90’s he started shooting USPSA which he still shoots today. Jim started shooting F-Class in 2007 but then took a break from F-Class for about 3 years to shoot competitive ASA archery with his oldest daughter. During this time, he won Arkansas State B class championships. Jim was a member of the US F-Class rifle team for a couple of years until his work schedule forced him to step down. Since he’s started shooting F-Class, he has attended 7 or 8 National events, not including the Berger Southwest Nationals. Jim has been honored and excited to be apart of Team McMillan over the last year and looks forward to shooting with them for years to come.

Jim shot hard and heavy when he first started F-Class in 2008-2011. Then about 6-7 years later he accepted a position on the team and committed himself to getting serious about shooting!

5/15/09 – 1st Oak Ridge LR Regionals

6/13/09 – 1st OK MRP and F-Class Regionals*

10/1/09 – F-Class Nationals 13th overall in LR and 18th in Mid-Range

10/10/09 –  2nd Texas State LR Championships

11/7/09 – 1st TN State Mid-Range Championships*

3/25/10 – F-Class Nationals – LR 17th and MR 10th overall

4/10/10 –  2nd Texas State Mid-Range Championships

05/01/11 – 1st Mid-West Championships

9/23/11 – 2nd Arkansas LR Regional

10/22/11 – 1st TN Mid-Range State Championships

3/24/12 – 3rd TN Mid-Range Regional*

8/05/13 – 1st National Championship – NRA F-Class  Mid-Range National Championship

05/30/14 – 1st Remington/Reade LR Regional

6/28/14 – 2nd Arkansas State Mid-Range Championships*

7/30/14 – 3rd NRA National Mid-Range National Championships

9/24/14 – 1st MO State Mid-Range Championships May 15 – 1st Sierra Cup June 15 – 3rd Mid-West Championships

06/15/15 – 1st Arkansas State Mid-Range Championship*

10/23/15 – National F-Class Championships – 11th Mid-Range and 7th Long Range

07/1/17 – 2nd MO State Mid-Range Championships*

09/23/17 – 6th National F-Class Championships

06/30/18 – 1st MO State Mid-Range Championships

10/12/18 – 1st TX State Mid-Range Championships

10/27/18 – 1st TN State Mid-Range Championships

02/13/19 – 15th Southwest Nationals  Mid-Range

09/05/19 – 1st Mid-West Championships*

09/22/19 – 13th National F-Class LR Championship

10/06/19 – 3rd LA State Mid-Range Championships

Numerous Team Metals over the years – too many to list

***Set/Tied 2017 NRA F-Class National Record at 600 yard –  200/19X

***Set/Tied 2018   NRA  F-Class National Record at 500 yards – 200/18X

***10/06/19  NRA F-Class National Record at 600 yards – 200/23X****

Peter Johns

Peter johnsWildlife Biologist, Retired Navy Cheif, Team Texas FTR wind coach, and High Master FTR Long-range and Mid-range.

1st 2019 Texas State mid-range championship in FTR

200-18X pending national record 600yds

600-47X pending co-national record 600yd 60 shot agg

4th 2019 NRA F-class Nationals Long-range FTR individual

2nd 2019 NRA F-class Nationals mid-range FTR Team

1st 2019 Texas State Long Range Championship FTR individual

1st 2019 Southwest Nationals(Berger) FTR Team

2nd 2019 Southwest Nationals(Berger) FTR individual

1st 2018 Texas State Mid-range Championship FTR Team

set National record at Texas State Mid-range Team Match 599-52X

4th 2018 Texas State Long Range Championship F-class

31st 2018 Lone survivor PRS match

peterjohns3rd North American Long Range Shooter Association April 14, 2018

1st  and 6th North American Long Range Shooter Association Jan 12, 2018

4th 2018 Southwest Berger Nationals FTR individual

3rd 2018  Southwest Berger Nationals FTR Team

4th 2017 Texas State Long Range Championship F-class

16th 2017 F-class National Championship Long Range

3rd 2017 F-class National Championship Long Range Team

16th 2017 F-class National Championship Mid-range

3rd 2017 F-class National Championship Mid-range team

1st 2017 F-class Rifle Team Mid-range Qualifying Match Carthage TX March 25-26, 2017

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