Mc3 Division: A Revolution in Polymer Stock Design

Mc3 Division: A Revolution in Polymer Stock Design

by McMillan

As McMillan enters its third-generation in the synthetic stock industry, we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to introduce a new division and line of polymer stocks. Dubbed Mc3 (McCubed), the science and engineering behind this is guiding our brand into the future. We have tried to make forward-thinking decisions at every corner and utilize every chance to improve our tactical and hunting stock designs. McMillan has expanded with Mc3 because we wanted to produce a better polymer stock than any of those currently on the market.

Mc3 is quite a departure from McMillan’s primary history as a fiberglass stock manufacturer. Our classic stocks, tried and true, time-tested and proven, from battlefields to competitions, will never go away. Neither will we ever cease to grow and develop our fiberglass division. That’s why McMillan started, to provide our customers with affordable, factory replacement options for their Remington 700 barreled actions. Mc3 stocks are based on our award-winning designs and manufactured with innovative technology.

Xenolite is our custom TPIM (thermal plastic injection molded) stock material that Mc3 stocks are made of. It’s a fiberglass-based polymer and does not contain nylon, as many other plastic stocks on the market do. Our material is proprietary and will not be used by other manufacturers. More rigid, stronger, and harder than other polymers, Xenolite is also 5% more expensive to produce than most polymers available. We won’t ever cut corners to make a buck, we wanted to provide a cutting-edge stock and also keep customer costs down, which we have. We went the extra mile of research and development for several years until we arrived at the best option for Mc3 and for you.

Something that inspired Kelly McMillan to take his company on this journey was the extreme Arizona heat. If you leave a factory Remington with a plastic stock in your car under the sun — or many other aftermarket polymer stocks — you’ll come back and find it has warped or even melted. Xenolite is guaranteed to withstand extreme temperatures and retain both its structure and performance. It’s also chemical and abrasion resistant. These stocks are built to withstand the elements, for outdoorsmen and women, and for the price they’re as rugged and good-looking as they can be. Kelly will never again come back to find that the sun gave his gun barrel-whip, neither should you.

We also developed a unique TPIM molding process in-house. This allowed us to exactly replicate our classic stock designs in McMillan Xenolite. From their edges and curves to their precision molded receiver area, these stocks are inexpensive alternatives to their custom fiberglass counterparts. We do not use filler and there are no hollow spots or hidden honeycomb areas on Mc3 stocks. They are solid and lightweight, with molded-in aluminum pillars.

The first two models being offered are the McMillan A-5 and the Game Scout. Both ship factory-ready for Remington 700 type receivers and include swivel-studs and a recoil pad. Anyone who wants to update their Remington can order directly from us online or by phone or place an order through their local dealer. Negotiations are in the works to get Mc3 into several retailers soon.

The McMillan A-5 is one of our best-selling tactical stocks. Its Mc3 counterpart has been dubbed “The Legend.” The Legend is available in Remington BDL or DBM — the DBM ships with a clip and trigger guard. These are our “standard” versions of The Legend and fit short actions only. Additionally, The Legend is available in a “deluxe” version that features our adjustable cheek piece and spacer system butt pads. The deluxe DBM is also short action only, while the deluxe BDL is offered in either long or short action. All of these designs are made to accommodate the Varmint and Sendero barrel contours.

Xenolite color offerings are olive or tan.

57015569_844950662528934_2850072961128333312_oThe Mc3 version of our McMillan Game Scout hunting stock is called “The Tradition.” It fits the Remington BDL in long or short action. The Tradition accommodates Sporter and Magnum barrel contours.

We also offer several of these stock designs in Xenolite carbon fiber. By replacing the fiberglass in the proprietary polymer with carbon fiber, we are able to make these stocks even lighter and more durable. Regular Xenolite weighs roughly the same as our fiberglass stocks, the carbon fiber versions are approximately 6-ounces lighter.

Both deluxe versions of The Legend are offered in carbon fiber for a slightly higher cost. The Tradition is also available in carbon fiber. Carbon fiber versions of these stocks only come in black.

It took us some time to develop not only Xenolite but also the custom molding process that allowed us to recreate the A-5 and Game Scout as The Legend and The Tradition. We wanted to cover all bases, which is why we launched Mc3 with our essential hunting stock and one of our unmatched tactical stocks. We hope to expand Mc3 to offer several other McMillan stocks in Xenolite and Xenolite carbon, so watch for that announcement. We’re proud to say that the Mc3 line will remain the best polymer stock offering for the foreseeable future.

The Legend and The Tradition are great economic upgrades for anyone who wants to ditch their plastic stock for something long-lasting and able to perform with McMillan accuracy. Our custom fiberglass stocks are world-renown and have been used by the U.S. Military, at all levels of competitive shooting, and to take down varmint or big game for years. Mc3 products are no different. We simply wanted McMillan stocks to be available for anyone. That’s the true mission of Mc3, to use knowledge and technology to make McMillan stocks even more accessible.

To find out more, make a purchase, or fill out a dealer request form visit us at — you can give us a call at (623) 582-9758 or 1 (877) 365-6148.