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Exploring Extreme Long Range Distances

October 11th 2019

Exploring Extreme Long Range Distances: Team GPG at 7,070-yards by McMillan Some of you will remember our post from February when Paul Phillips and Global Precision Group made a 3.4-miles (6,012-yards) shot. When we spoke with Paul, he told us that 4-miles was possible. In just a matter of months, Paul and his team returned…


The McMillan A-6 Stock

September 24th 2019

The McMillan A-6 Stock by McMillan At McMillan, we constantly draw on customer feedback and trends in the shooting world to improve our stocks. Former models remain mainstays, while newer additions become cutting edge options for a variety of functions. In the line of Tactical stocks, the A-series has always been a favorite for Military…


All-Female F-Class: Team X-IT Strategy

August 23rd 2019

All-Female F-Class: Team X-IT Strategy by McMillan Some things are simply meant to be. Last year, Jenniffer Bondurant brought together a group of girls and women to form an all-female F-Class shooting team. She named the group Team X-IT Strategy. Launched in 2017, our McMillan XIT stock is a modified and improved version of the Prone stock, specifically…


Norm Harrold and Team McMillan F-Open

August 8th 2019

Norm Harrold and Team McMillan F-Open by McMillan Last year, McMillan began sponsoring Team McMillan F-Open. Shooting our Kestros R and ZR stocks, at least 12 first-place awards were earned by team members, in addition to numerous top-ten finishes with many placing in the top-three. As a team, they placed 2nd at the NRA Mid-Range…


McMillan Stands with PRIME Ammunition

July 18th 2019

McMillan Stands with PRIME Ammunition by McMillan Jim O’Shaughnessy, owner of PRIME Ammunition started his company in 2015 with a simple business model in mind. While most major ammunition brands sold their products through distributors, jacking up prices and often causing availability issues, Jim wanted to sell ammo as a direct to consumer product while…


Paul Phillips Shares his Love of ELR with his Daughter Addison

July 11th 2019

Paul Phillips Shares his Love of ELR with his Daughter Addison by McMillan Paul Phillips, accomplished F-Class and ELR shooter, has worked with McMillan on several projects and continues to prove the accuracy of our stocks. Here at McMillan, we’re happy to know that Paul is sharing this passion with his 9-year old daughter Addison.…

The Guardian Match in Ireland

The Guardian Ireland Match

June 7th 2019

The Guardian Ireland Match by McMillan   On September 28–29, The Guardian Long Range Competition will host a match at the Midland National Shooting Centre of Ireland. The Guardian is a shooting event organization that McMillan has supported and sponsored for a number of years. Their mission is not only to host a safe and…

Gianmattia Molina, Gianfranco Zanoni, Paul Phillips

A Vision of Global ELR: King of 2 Miles in France

May 14th 2019

A Vision of Global ELR: King of 2 Miles in France By McMillan On April 20-22, 2019, the extreme long range (ELR) organization King of 2 Miles (KO2M) hosted its first international competition at Camp de Canjuers, a military zone in southern France near Nice. The largest military camp and longest shooting range in Europe,…


Mc3 Division: A Revolution in Polymer Stock Design

April 9th 2019

Mc3 Division: A Revolution in Polymer Stock Design by McMillan As McMillan enters its third-generation in the synthetic stock industry, we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to introduce a new division and line of polymer stocks. Dubbed Mc3 (McCubed), the science and engineering behind this is guiding our brand into the future. We have…