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McMillan Sponsorships And Contributions

October 9th 2018

McMillan Sponsorships And Contributions By: Kelly McMillan I was reading a thread last week where one of the posts talked about how manufacturers are just involved in sponsoring events just to take advantage of the shooters and don’t contribute anything to the overall growth of the sport. As a result, I am going to do…


Contributions to PRS, NRL, and Guardian Shooting Competitions

September 27th 2018

Contributions to PRS, NRL, and Guardian Shooting Competitions by Kelly McMillan The Precision Rifle Series (PRS) is a “championship style point series race” designed to host the top precision rifle competitions and shooters in the Nation. From its inauguration in 2012, PRS has expanded to host 36 annual matches and has over 1,800 members. PRS…

McMillan Beast

Extreme Long-Range

September 5th 2018

Extreme Long-Range By: Kelly McMillan McMillan is a front-runner in the world of extreme long-range shooting (ELR). Our stocks are built with practical applications in mind, whether that be used by the U.S. Military or in the hunting world. In both of these applications, when required, a rifle should be able to perform at extreme distances…

Mason Powell

McMillan: A Personal Statement

August 29th 2018

McMillan: A Personal Statement By: Mason Powell I shot my first .50 caliber rifle in 2006. My introduction was personal, my father started loading 50 BMG as a hobby when he realized there was a lack of high-quality, precision ammunition on the market. Soon, his hobby developed into Thunder Ammo, and through this we were…


Pillar Bedding : Part Two

November 2nd 2017

When pillar bedding gained acceptance, there wasn’t much argument about how to do it right. It seemed almost everyone in the competitive arena used pretty much the same technique. Upon the introduction of precut aluminum pillars, experts began to disagree on what was the proper way to install the pillars. As with standard pillars, the…


McCubed Release Dates

October 2nd 2017

The McMillan Family is pleased to announce its venture into game changing technology and announcing its first polymer stock. These McCubed, injection molded stocks, will be unlike any on the market. They will be exponentially better! The McMillan team has spent countless hours working with engineers and firearm enthusiasts to design the ideal polymer stock…


Pillar Bedding : Part One

September 13th 2017

In the firearms industry it seems there is always a “trend” that is accepted as the state of the art for a period of time and then something else will come along and replace it. Right now aluminum bedding blocks seem to be the “trend”. I recently posted our views on the ABB so I…


M40a1 and M40a3/5 Specific Stocks

August 10th 2017

As most of you know McMillan has manufactured stocks for the Marine Corps since 1975.  First the M40a1 and then the M40a3/5.  Many of you want to build replicas and therefore need some information about the stocks in order to help you make better decision about which stocks to order and how you want them…

USA team

World F Class Championships

July 26th 2017

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks (MFS) began by making benchrest stocks for competition shooters.  We have always been heavily involved in all types of shooting sports and I would wager that there isn’t another company of our size that returns more money to the shooting sports by way of donations and sponsorship.  We routinely send gift certificates,…


History of the McMillan A-Series – Part One

June 24th 2017

History of the McMillan A-Series – Part One Most people know that McMillan started making the M40A1 in 1975, but don’t really know the story of the rest of the A series stocks. So I thought I would take a few minutes and let you know how and why the rest of the stocks came…