M40a1 and M40a3/5 Specific Stocks

August 10th 2017

As most of you know McMillan has manufactured stocks for the Marine Corps since 1975.  First the M40a1 and then the M40a3/5.  Many of you want to build replicas and therefore need some information about the stocks in order to help you make better decision about which stocks to order and how you want them…

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World F Class Championships

July 26th 2017

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks (MFS) began by making benchrest stocks for competition shooters.  We have always been heavily involved in all types of shooting sports and I would wager that there isn’t another company of our size that returns more money to the shooting sports by way of donations and sponsorship.  We routinely send gift certificates,…


History of the McMillan A-Series – Part One

June 24th 2017

History of the McMillan A-Series – Part One Most people know that McMillan started making the M40A1 in 1975, but don’t really know the story of the rest of the A series stocks. So I thought I would take a few minutes and let you know how and why the rest of the stocks came…

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McCubed: Third generation of McMillan (Mc3)

May 11th 2017

Third venture into game changing technology.  Polymer stocks. Some of you may have already heard about McCubed, a new division of McMillan dedicated to designing and developing the finest polymer stock on the market today.  It probably shouldn’t be new since I told my father back in 1992 that I believed that McMillan should be…


Should You Bed Your New McMillan Stock?

April 18th 2017

Do I need to bed my new McMillan stock? If I answered this question thoroughly and succinctly, the blog would be way too short.  The answer is “NO”, and that is all that needs be said.  But since this blog needs to be several hundred words and a few paragraphs, I will do my best…

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Placing an Order with McMillan

March 28th 2017

  Lynne: Hello this is Lynne, how may I help you?   Customer: I would like to place an order for a stock. But I have a few questions first.   Lynne: Okay, what can I help you with?   Customer: I would really like an A5 but I have a Stiller Tac 30, do…


McMillan’s Carbon Fiber and EDGE Technology Broken Down

March 14th 2017

Some of you are confused about carbon fiber, graphite, the Hunters EDGE and EDGE Tech stocks.  I don’t blame you.  We sometimes assume people know something just because it is so familiar to us.   I have been working in this business since 1975 and all of the above seem to be second nature to me…

Gale McMillan

McMillan Then and Now

February 15th 2017

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Inc is heavily invested in the shooting sports.  We sponsor matches, teams and individual shooters.  There is not a rifle competition shoot that isn’t supported in some way, either by prize table donations or match sponsorship.  We started in this business over 40 years ago making benchrest stocks.  I am quite sure that…

Kelly McMillan Blog

Welcome to the new Taking Stock blog by Kelly McMillan!

January 25th 2017

Welcome to the new Taking Stock blog by Kelly McMillan! January 25, 2017 Welcome to the McMillan Fiberglass Stocks “Taking Stock” blog. I want to take a few minutes to get you up to speed with what has been happening here at McMillan. A few years ago I ran McMillan Firearms and spent a lot of…