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The XIT shares many characteristics with McMillan’s Prone with some improvements. The butt of the XIT is centerline with the bore and has a 3 degree angle for minute adjustments. It is recommended for a blind magazine or single shot actions and comes with an adjustable cheekpiece. It can be fitted with a 2-way or 3-way adjustable butt plate as well as either a Freeland or Anschutz® type handstop rail. Currently available in Right Hand only.


FLAT TOP (no inlet)
BASIC INLET (action outline & barrel channel)
FULL INLET (cheekpiece is extra)
(Full Inlet includes: action & barrel inlet & molded-in color)
(cheekpiece, pad, studs, rail and other options available – see options tab above)

Pads & Butt Plates (price includes installation)

Decelerator Pad

Decelerator Pad


2-Way Vertical Butt Plate

2-way Vertical Butt Plate


3-Way Vertical Butt Plate

3-way Adjustable Butt Plate


Cheekpieces (price includes installation)

gunstock, Integral Thumbwheel Adjustable Cheekpiece

Integral Thumbwheel Adjustable Cheekpiece


gunstock, Integral Clamp Bar Adjustable Cheekpiece

Integral Clamp Bar Adjustable Cheekpiece


Rails & Other Options

Anodized Anschutz® or Freeland Rail

Anodized Anschutz® or Freeland Rail


Flushmount Base Cups

Flushmount Base Cups

$14.00 each

Seekins 3" Picatinny Rail

Seekins 3″ Picatinny Rail


Machine Screw Sling Studs

Machine Screw Sling Studs

$8.00 each

Wichita 1.5" Fixed Sling Loops

Wichita 1.5″ Fixed Sling Loops (2)


Pre-Installed Machined-in Pillars

Pre-Installed Machined-in Pillars


McMillan Fiberglass Stocks Order Form

McMillan offers our customers two ways to purchase a McMillan stock. Buy our most popular stocks in inventory in our Retail Store or select a McMillan special, one-of-a-kind stock offered on the individual stock pages.


To place a custom order stock, please see the directions below.


There is no set “fixed” price on any of our stocks. Our pricing is designed to let all of our customers get just what they want (within limits) and not have to pay for anything they do not want or need.


Our price list is broken down into two basic sections where most stocks in that group are all priced the same. For the “Hunting and Sporting” type stocks look in the “hunting” section for the current price for a fully inletted blank. This price includes the color and finish of your choice.


In the Tactical and Competition stock section, look again to see the starting base price. These stocks typically have a more solid fiberglass filler material which requires slower inletting speeds and more inletting for stock options and accessories and are priced higher than the hunting stocks because of the increased CNC machine time. Again the base price includes the color and finish of your choice.


Now look in the “stock options or accessories list.” You will see many optional items here and the price each option or accessory will add to the base price. Just add the cost of each item to the base price.


There are three ways to order your McMillan fiberglass stock: