First of the “A” series tactical stocks, the A-2 stock was designed using input from the U.S. Marine Corps as well as the F.B.I. A vertical pistol grip and straight line, extra-high comb provide for better prone shooting as well as seated bench type shooting. The forend is tapered downward from front to rear which allows for small elevation adjustments by sliding the rifle forward when using a front sand bag. It can be equipped with either a 3-way adjustable butt assembly, an adjustable spacer system or fixed length of pull. A saddle type cheekpiece may be added for use with night vision equipment. The A-2 will fit most Remington, Winchester, FN Mauser, Sako, Browning, Ruger® Mark II™, Savage, and Howa 1500 actions. Available in right and left hand.

Overall length of stock:
Depth of action area: 
1.870″ (will vary depending on action model)
Max diameter action:
Max diameter barrel:
1.5″ str
Forearm width:
Grip width:
Buttstock width:
Max L.O.P. with 1″ recoil pad:
13.5″ (spacers can be added to lengthen LOP)
Drop @ comb:

*straight comb and saddle cheek piece available*
(if your action is not listed, please contact us and ask)

Bat HR & VR
Big horn – (rear tang will sit proud on stock 1/8″)
Browning A-bolt & BBR
CZ 550 (not magnum)
Dakota 76 (action must be sent in for fitting, fees may apply)
Defiance SA, Med, LA
Howa 1500
Lawton 7000, 7500, 8500
Mauser 98
Montana 1999 models
Nesika Bay (rem tangs only)
Remington – 700, mod 7, 600, 660, 721, 722, 788, xp100, xr100
Ruger® – Mark II™ and M77® (Mark II™ floor plate must be sent in for fitting)
Sako – A1, A2, L61R, AV, 591, 691, Quad
Savage – staggeredfeed all models (DBM model must be sent in for fitting)
– Centerfeed – single shot & blind mag only
– Target 3 screw
Shilen DGA (action must be sent in for fitting)
Smith & Wesson 1500
Stiller – all Remington clones
Surgeon – all models
Tikka 55, 65, 595, 695, T3
Weatherby – mk V lightweight, vanguards
Winchester – pre-64, model 70’s, SPR, PBR


Painted Finishes

For the finest presentation-grade surface, we suggest a painted finish. Six solid paint colors are available.


A new speckletone granite finish is also available. Choose any solid base coat color and specify either one or two speckletone paint highlights to create an attractive custom finish.


When you order any paint finish, the underlying stock is hand-sanded, primed, and painted to eliminate all surface imperfections. This is the finish most manufacturers specify for the McMillan stocks that are sold with their custom shop rifles.


The paint we use is an industrial grade, non-slip pebble finish similar to that found on power tools, office machines and industrial equipment. This polyurethane paint is the most durable we can find and is suitable for conditions found from the Arctic to the tropics. However, any painted finish will scratch when dragged over rocks, limbs and other hard surfaces. It is impervious to most gun cleaning solvents, but harsh solvents should be wiped off immediately.


Repainting an existing McMillan Stock


We can repaint any McMillan stock for our customers at a nominal charge.


Click on a stock to enlarge the photo









Spectre Patterns

The Spectre Series is McMillan’s new molded-in finish that mimics aspects of digital camouflage. It is currently available in four different color schemes.


Click on a stock to enlarge the photo






Ambush Patterns

Desert Ambush is the first offering of the Ambush series. The color pattern was developed for the desert terrain and foliage of the Southwestern United States.


Click on a stock to enlarge the photo



Marble Patterns

Molded-In Colors to Create a Unique Marble Pattern.


Molded in colors are the most durable finish we offer. With a molded finish, the color is impregnated into the gelcoat, or exterior surface layer of the stock. All of the molded-in finishes below should be considered utility-grade. Mold lines, sanding marks, fiberglass cloth and small imperfections may be visible.


Molded-in stocks are provided with a matte finish to minimize light reflection. After receiving your stock, some customers take it upon themselves to further wetblock sand and buff the surface to achieve a polished, warm luster finish. This is particularly attractive with marble patterns.


A molded-in stock will weigh several ounces more than a painted stock due to the additional resin material that is used.


We do our best to make your particular finish as attractive as possible. However, we are limited in what can be accomplished with molded-in colors. Solid colors, especially darker ones, produce the greatest challenge, whereas the camouflage patterns tend to look better because the various colors and shapes hide imperfections. Marbled colors offer the best choice for creating a finished look with a molded-in color.


Marble Finishes


A marble finish is created by swirling two or three different colors into the surface of the stock. The result is a beautiful effect that is unique to your stock. McMillan pioneered this finish, which has become a familiar hallmark of our brand.


Choose any 2 or 3 of the molded in colors to create a unique swirled marble pattern finish for your custom stock. Literally thousands of different patterns can be created, including any you see on our website.


No two stocks are ever made alike as the marbling action is totally random in occurence.


Click on a stock to enlarge the photo.



The most popular marble finishes are shown here. Virtually any color combination is possible and some color combinations are inherently more pleasing than others.


Note that a marble finish can be used as an effective camouflage pattern when using olive green, black, gray and other common camo colors.


Each finish is done by hand and it is impossible to duplicate any particular marble pattern. Because marbling is created in the mold under pressure, patterns are random and not controllable. Specific vertical or horizontal patterns are not possible. Also, colors will change shades somewhat due to the mixing of colors while the swirling is done. Marble stocks may not be returned because of dissatisfaction with the color. However, you may opt to have us paint the stock at our regular price.


The colors on the right are used to create molded-in swirled marble and camo finishes. Solid molded in colored stocks are not available from McMillan.

McMillan Stock Color Chips

Camouflage Finishes

McMillan Uses Molded-In Colors to create a Unique Camouflage Finish


Standard Camouflage Patterns

Eleven basic camouflage patterns are standard order items. The colors are not painted on the surface, but are molded into the stock for durability when used in extreme environments. Many military units specify this finish for their tactical stocks, with the choice of colors dependent on the part of the world where the rifle will be deployed. Custom camo patterns of any three or four colors are optional at no extra charge.














Each fiberglass stock is made of multi-layers of eight-ounce woven fiberglass cloth, laminated under pressure with epoxy resin. The stock is filled with solid fiberglass in the receiver area and epoxy and glass beads in the forend. Our EDGE ultralight stocks are made with 100% graphite cloth in the shell instead of fiberglass, for less weight and greater strength.
Edge Tech – is our ultra light stock. It is made out of graphite cloth, not fiberglass. Edge Tech is the lightest we can make a stock pattern. The hunters edge stock pattern can get down to as little as 23 ounces. Because of its lightweight, it cannot have any adjustable hardware installed and must be painted. It is not recommended for magnum calibers and this fill cannot be used for any caliber above a .300 win mag.


Standard – The majority of our stocks are filled with standard fill, also called sporter fill. It is composed of fiberglass cloth and solid fiberglass throughout the forearm and action area. A dense 2 piece foam is used in the butt stock. This fill is used for all calibers up to and including .300 win mag.


Magnum – This fill is used for heaving recoiling and magnum caliber rifles, mainly on hunting stocks. It constructed the same as a standard fill except heavier, thicker and more dense fiberglass is used in the recoil lug and action area to withstand heavy recoil and be easier on the shooter. It will add about 6 ounces of weight to the stock. It will be used for anything above a .300 win mag caliber.


Sniper – This fill is mainly used on magnum calibers on our tactical stocks. It is the same as magnum fill except there is lightweight fiberglass in the butt stock, not foam. This is so hardware for adjustability can be installed onto the butt stock if so desired. With the fiberglass being in the butt, it also helps to balance out rifles with large barrel contours. It will add about 8-10 ounces to the stock.

The only hollow part of the stock is the buttstock from the rear of the pistol grip to two inches from the end. This area is filled with urethane foam to deaden the sound and absorb vibration.
No, ours are completely solid and then machine inletted rather than having the receiver area molded.
We offer 6 painted solid colors, 11 molded-in camo finishes and a wide variety of marble finishes.
Though we use the most durable, catalyzed urethane enamel paint on the market, it is still a paint. As such, it is subject to dings and scratches due to rough conditions and handling. We do guarantee our finishes against adhesion problems but not against normal wear and tear. We will, however, repaint stocks at a reduced price for our customers.
From the testing we have done and the results of some independent testing, we have determined that Kevlar does not improve the quality or strength of our stocks.
Yes, where added stiffness is desired we do use graphite upon request at an added expense. Our EDGE ultralight stocks are made with 100% graphite cloth in the outer shell as standard.
We are dedicated to making the best stocks money can buy. The material, time, labor, and quality control required to do so is reflected in the price of the stock.
Yes, from start to finish our stocks are made here entirely in Phoenix, Arizona.
We use the method commonly referred to as hand-laminating. Layers of glass cloth are laid in a mold by hand, then cured under heat and pressure. This adds strength, reduces weight, and eliminates voids compared to other methods of sprayed or molding methods.
A marble finish is a combination of two or three colors swirled together to form a marble type pattern in the surface of the stock. It is possible to use any combination of colors that we stock. We do suggest you look through the catalog or web site to choose a combination that appeals to you.

You can also check out this blog that shows hundreds of different marble configurations: McMillan marble pictures.

McMillan produces some stock finishes such as our camouflages and marbles that are actually molded right into the exterior of the stock. These finishes tend to be more durable and wear resistant but are not as high quality as our painted finishes. We call them “utility grade” finishes since the mold lines, small imperfections, cloth especially on light colors and some sanding marks may be visible. We WILL NOT offer solid molded colors because it is so hard to make them look acceptable.
No. Due to the process used to paint the stock and the nature of the materials used in making them, molding the stock in the color you wanted it painted in offers no advantage, costs more to manufacture, and adds weight to the stock. If you ding or scratch the surface deep enough to penetrate the gelcoat surface, it will appear as a light gray scratch regardless of the color of the stock.
No, after installing thousands of stocks we have observed that 98% of the rifles are most accurate when free floated.
We have found that in most cases our drop-in and custom fitted stocks provide better than adequate accuracy unbedded. However, the final determination is left up to the individual shooter. Bedding services are available from your local gunsmith. We no longer offer bedding services.
We encourage you to use your local dealer but you can order direct.
Because we fill each stock solid and then inlet them with CNC milling machine, we have some flexibility. If two actions are similar dimensionally (i.e. Remington and Savage) the same stock can be used for either make. Usually, though, each of our stocks is designed and made for specific actions and is available for those actions only. The only way to know for sure is to ask one of our customer service reps or read the specifications list below each stock.
Our price list sometimes gets complicated because we offer so many options with each individual stock, there is no one price. For hunting and sporting stocks there is a standard price for a completely finished “Drop-in Stock” which includes a Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil pad, Uncle Mikes sling swivel studs, and the finish of your choice. For competition and tactical stocks we start with a base price which is a basic stock inletted for your barreled action including the finish of your choice. To that you add all of the different accessories you would like to complete your stock. Each accessory is priced separately. Add all the prices together to get your total price.
There is no set “fixed” price on any of our stocks. Our pricing is designed to let all of our customers get just what they want (within limits) and not have to pay for anything they do not want or need. So you can be a gunsmith or rifle builder who just wants a basic inlet or fully inletted stock blank to finish and accessorize yourself or you can be a customer who wants a full finished, fully adjustable competition stock ready to bolt his rifle into.


On our website just click on “stock pricing” to see the current price list. Our price list is broken down into two basic sections where most stocks in that group are all priced the same. For the “Hunting and Sporting” type stocks look in the “hunting” section for the current price for a fully inletted blank. This price includes the color and finish of your choice. Now click or look in the “stock options or accessories list”. You will see many optional items here and the price each option will add to the base price. For a hunting stock you can choose from two different recoil pads and specify the length of pull. Just add the price of the pad you choose to the base price. Now for sling or bipod attachment points you can choose standard sling studs or flush cups for flush applications. Just choose what you want and how many and add those prices to the base price and pad price to get a total price for the stock.


In the Tactical and Competition stock section, look again to see the starting base price. These stocks typically have a more solid fiberglass filler material which requires slower inletting speeds and more inletting for stock options and accessories and are priced higher than the hunting stocks because of the increased CNC machine time. Again the base price includes the color and finish of your choice. Go to the stock options and accessories list. Not all stocks have all the options available for them so check with us if you have questions. If you want an adjustable cheekpiece, pick one of the three types available and add that price to the base price. Choose what you want on the butt – just a recoil pad or one of the adjustable butt assemblies and add that price. For sling or bipod attachments choose standard sling studs or flush cups and how many and add those prices. Decide if you want optional accessory rails and bipod studs and add the price. If you want pre-installed machined-in metal pillars around the guard screw holes just specify that and add the price. Now add everything up to get a total price of a stock equipped just the way you want it. In the accessories list you can order different sling loops, or a hand stop, or any of the other accessories that we carry. See, it’s really not that complicated once you work through it the first time.

Updated 11/6/13 – Current average delivery time is around 6 months.



For custom made to order stocks, delivery time varies depending on the number of orders we are working on at the time. To check the status of your current order please email kay@mcmillanusa.com . Please allow 5-7 days for us to get back to you with the status of your order as we are extremely busy and must locate your stock among the thousands on the shop floor. We have stocks ready to ship located on the individual stock pages under the “In Inventory” tab. These stocks are updated weekly and there are some good deals on some custom stocks inlets.

We offer each customer the ability to custom order your stock, including choice of finishes, recoil pads, adjustable cheekpieces, adjustable butt plates, and custom barrel channels. Each stock is ordered, produced, inletted, finished and delivered according to a specific order from an individual customer. It takes time to produce a custom product to the standards our customers and we have established.
As a general rule we will allow you to change your order if the stock has not yet passed that part of the production process. Changing a molded in color is the first step and your stock will be made within 2 weeks of placing your order. No later than 4 weeks, your stock will be inlet for your specific barreled action. If a change must absolutely be made, we will start the production process over from the date the change was made.
For most of the stocks we make we have in-house barreled actions to use for fitting. If we do not have one we will ask the customer to send in his barreled action so that we can ensure proper fit and function. Because feeding is so critical with clip-fed rifles, we highly recommend that you send in these rifles. We will fit the stock to your rifle at no additional charge.


Instructions of shipping firearms to McMillan:

In compliance with the ATF rules & regulations inside the United States, firearms are required to be shipped back to the address it was sent from or to a FFL holder.


We require all firearms shipped in a hard plastic gun case to protect them. Please include (inside the case) a letter with your name, address, daytime phone #, email address and instructions. If you have already ordered a stock, include the order date.

Please insure your rifle for the full value.

Every stock is engineered and constructed for maximum strength with minimum weight. Altering the external dimensions with the exception of shortening the buttstock will compromise the integrity of the stock and thus void the warranty.
If the bottom metal or barrel you are converting over to is larger than what is currently machined in your stock than yes we can for a $56 charge.
This is the information necessary for us to provide a stock that is inletted for the barrel and action you wish to stock. All of our stocks allow the barrel to float free of any contact with the stock. Usually the clearance is between .030″ for light hunting contours and up to .050″ or more for heavy tactical contours.
If it is the barrel that came on the rifle from the factory, we need to know the caliber of the rifle. If it is a custom barrel we need to know the barrel maker, the contour number and the finished length of the chamber shank/cylinder. This is measured from the front end of the receiver forward to the first contour change on the barrel.
Generally, our hunting and sporting stocks all weigh 2 to 2.25 pounds. We do have the ability to achieve a specific target weight if additional weight is required. Our tactical and high power competition stocks are designed to be heavier. Since there are several factors that influence the final weight, such as the accessories you choose, each stock will vary in weight. In general, tactical and high power competition stocks weigh between 2.75 and 4.5 pounds.
All of the stocks we make are as light as we feel comfortable making them in order to live up to the McMillan reputation. If you require an ultralight, we recommend our new EDGE ultralight hunting and benchrest stocks.
Yes. We can attain your desired weight plus or minus a few ounces.
These are both high quality 1″ recoil pads. The Decelerator is a .6″ or 1″ medium density rubber pad made by Pachmyer. It has no open side vents, a leather finish, and is made of a rubber material specifically designed to reduce felt recoil. The Limbsaver is a 1″ softer density rubber material made by Sims Vibration Labs. It has internal sealed air chambers designed to compress more and further reduce felt recoil. Because of the softer rubber it is more difficult to grind to a fine finish than some other pads and the hole spacing will not allow it to be used on our adjustable butt systems. We feel that these are two of the best recoil pads available and are fine options for our stocks.
The beauty of a custom stock is that it can be made exactly to your personal requirements. Most factory rifles come with a length of pull in the 13.5″-13.75″ range. You may want more or less, depending on your physique. Adjustable buttplates are available, too, for the utmost in ergonomics. Contact one of our customer service representatives for advice on your perfect fit.
Flat top – is a total stock blank, just the colors you choose with no inletting at all. Gunsmiths and gunsmithing students will sometimes choose this if they are working on a project or just want to keep stocks on hand for future customer orders so they can inlet any customers model rifle they want themselves.


Basic Inlet – where the receiver outline and barrel channel are inlet. There are no screw holes, trigger, safety, bolt handle, recoil lug, bottom metal etc inlet at all, only the actions outline/diameter and the barrel channel is inlet with float. Many gun shops choose this option to keep stocks in their shop to finish up the inletting when a customer orders a build from them.


Full Inlet – is a total inlet of the stock to the customers rifle specs. There may be some minor fittng involved after you receive the stock especially if you order a stock for a mauser 98 or a custom action.


Custom drop in – is a complete inlet for your rifle to where upon receiving the stock, your rifle should drop right in, you can bolt it together and go shoot. There is no additional fitting needed. 80% of all our stock orders are done this way.

There is no designation on the stock stating that it is a McMillan. If you bought a stock second hand and would like us to help identify it, please take a photo of the right and left sides of the stock and also a top picture of the inletting with the rifle removed from the stock. Then send the pictures to us via email.
A 10% non refundable deposit is required for all customers outside the United States. Full payment is due when your stock is finished and ready to ship. We accept personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders, and credit cards. We hold personal checks for three weeks prior to shipping. If you pay by credit card at the time of ordering, your card will not be processed until your stock is shipped.
Our website has more information on our stocks. Please feel free to email us with any questions at stocks@mcmillanusa.com. We usually respond within 48 hrs at the latest. You may also call us at (623) 582-9635, Mon – Fri 7am to 3:30pm MST.

McMillan offers our customers two ways to purchase a McMillan stock. Buy our most popular stocks in inventory in our Retail Store or select a McMillan special, one-of-a-kind stock offered on the individual stock pages.


For custom order stocks, please see the Buy Now Build Your Own tab for detailed information.

Retail Store

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McMillan Fiberglass Stocks Order Form

McMillan offers our customers two ways to purchase a McMillan stock. Buy our most popular stocks in inventory in our Retail Store or select a McMillan special, one-of-a-kind stock offered on the individual stock pages.


To place a custom order stock, please see the directions below.


There is no set “fixed” price on any of our stocks. Our pricing is designed to let all of our customers get just what they want (within limits) and not have to pay for anything they do not want or need.


Our price list is broken down into two basic sections where most stocks in that group are all priced the same. For the “Hunting and Sporting” type stocks look in the “hunting” section for the current price for a fully inletted blank. This price includes the color and finish of your choice.


In the Tactical and Competition stock section, look again to see the starting base price. These stocks typically have a more solid fiberglass filler material which requires slower inletting speeds and more inletting for stock options and accessories and are priced higher than the hunting stocks because of the increased CNC machine time. Again the base price includes the color and finish of your choice.


Now look in the “stock options or accessories list.” You will see many optional items here and the price each option or accessory will add to the base price. Just add the cost of each item to the base price.


There are three ways to order your McMillan fiberglass stock: