McMillan Stands with PRIME Ammunition

by McMillan

Jim O’Shaughnessy, owner of PRIME Ammunition started his company in 2015 with a simple business model in mind. While most major ammunition brands sold their products through distributors, jacking up prices and often causing availability issues, Jim wanted to sell ammo as a direct to consumer product while delivering exceptional customer service. The old legacy-based distribution model means that ammo is commonly sold through the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, and retailer—with markups at each stage. Jim wanted to break this cycle and sought out suppliers to do so, but many of them were stuck within that system. Eventually, he agreed to work with Swiss company RUAG Ammotec. From there, PRIME was born. RUAG supplied the ammo and Jim’s team quickly grew the customer base in America with a tried and true product.  

A little more backstory: Jim grew up on a dairy farm in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan near Wisconsin, his father was also a policeman and weapons instructor. After working in fields, unrelated to firearms, Jim and his wife Sara started PRIME with both these humble roots and the family they had started in mind. Just like some of the vendors that serviced Jim’s family dairy farm, Jim and his team follow up with PRIME customers, calling each person after their first purchase to properly introduce PRIME and to simply say thank you. Early on with PRIME, Jim deliberately focused on supporting youth and women shooters, an often underrepresented but growing demographic in the shooting sports. 

65313731_2342939752411182_2720463750216810496_nAccording to publicly accessible records, in late 2018, following two years of success for everyone involved, the management of RUAG Ammotec changed, a contract lapsed, and their partnership with PRIME began to deteriorate. RUAG brought a legal claim against PRIME in 2018 and PRIME followed with a countersuit against RUAG in 2019. Now,  PRIME and RUAG have concluded the litigation and all of this is history. PRIME was briefly off the market after separating with RUAG, but Jim managed this period with strength, integrity, and according to him, an enormous amount of help from the firearm community.

PRIME Ammunition is back and better than ever—rereleasing with U.S. components and working with leading suppliers such as Peterson Cartridges and Spark Munitions—PRIME’s already stellar ammo is even more accurate and consistent. PRIME is now taking pre-orders for their 130gr. Match Plus 6.5mm Creedmoor rifle rounds. The 6.5 Creedmoor orders are expected to ship in August, with 6mm Creedmoor, 9mm Luger and other rounds soon to follow. 

“We would not have been able to get through this had it not been for the McMillan organization,” Jim said. “There’s no doubt in my mind. Between their financial support, their public support, and their moral support. Kelly spoke with me … and said to come out of this shining. They’ve been nothing but supportive.” 

Many years before he founded PRIME, Jim was working in Arizona and stumbled across the McMillan offices. He popped in and was given a tour around our facilities. Before leaving he asked the employee’s name and it was Kelly McMillan showing Jim around the building. Jim still tells this story and was happy to reconnect with us years later through PRIME’s support of the Guardian Matches. 

When we heard about the lawsuit, we came to PRIME’s side in support of Jim, his wife, and employees, knowing we had to support a company that shares our values and offers a quality product. Through writing PRIME a purchase order and by offering their ammo to our customers on our website, we are standing by their side and feel grateful knowing others have shared in this mission. McMillan would also like to thank Signature Coin, Patriot Valley Arms, those who donated to the legal fund, and others who have come out to support PRIME. 

This is a new chapter in PRIME’s history. Their ammunition is highly sought after, and they will finally be able to launch their 6mm Creedmoor and 6.5 SAUM 4s rounds along with providing many of the most popular rounds they have always carried. Trust us, PRIME is among the best ammo companies on the market. They’ve come through the flames and want to continue delivering great ammo straight to your door.

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