McMillan Retail Store FAQ

1.  Do you ship out of the United States?  Yes we can ship internationally to most countries.  McMillan has licensed dealers that must purchase the stock you want and we in turn ship the stock to them.  You will then purchase the stock from that dealer.  Email for more info and authorized McMillan dealers in your country.


2.  Where is the internet specials section on your new website?  If you click on the “ON SALE NOW” in the RETAIL STORE or “STOCKS ON SALE” in the STOCKS page, a list will pop up of different actions.  Click the action you have and any stock we have on sale will appear.  If the page is blank, then we have nothing on “sale” for that specific action at this time.


3.  I’m a dealer, do I get dealer pricing in the retail store?  McMillan will honor dealer pricing for any stock under the “on sale now” section only.  If that stock is already below dealer price, the price shown will be the price paid.  If you are a dealer with McMillan, please email with the 4 digit item number of the stock that is on sale and we will insure your dealer price.


4. Do I need a gunsmith to bolt my rifle onto my new McMillan stock? You can bolt your rifle onto the McMillan stock yourself. We recommend a 40-45 inch lb torque setting for your action screws.


5. My barrel is leaning to one side of the stocks forend, what should I do? Your McMillan stock is machined completely straight and square. Loosen your action screws slightly, with your stock in a vice, move your barrel to where you think it sits completely straight in the stock and re-tighten your screws. If the barrel still leans to the side, remove the rifle and check the stock for any high spots of fiberglass or gelcoat in the action and recoil area of the inlet.


6. The stock I want is out of stock, can I be put in line for a back order? Unfortunately we do not take back orders. We are adding more stocks to the online store daily so check back frequently to see if the stock you want is in stock. You can email us to find out when we may be re-stocked on a certain stock.


7. How long until my orders ships once its been placed? Order processing usually takes 1-2 business days. You will be notified via email when your order has shipped and will be provided the tracking #.  Check your junk or trash in your email, the tracking # usually gets sent there.


8. What courier is used for shipping? UPS is used for all continental U.S. stock and parts orders only. USPS is used for all other orders placed including apparel.


9. Does my stock have the McMillan unconditional lifetime warranty? Yes it does. Every McMillan stock carries an unconditional lifetime warranty against cracking, warping, splitting, breaking or becoming unserviceable for any reason. If a problem occurs, the stock will be repaired or replaced at our option. If the stock has been bedded and then damaged due to negligence, fees may apply.


The warranty applies to items we actually manufacture and not to options or accessories we purchase from other manufacturers ie recoil pads, rail mounts, etc.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your new McMillan fiberglass stock, return it withing 30 days in good condition for a full refund of the stocks purchase price or exchange. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.


10. Will my molded in marble/camo stock look exactly like the one in the picture? No, it will not be exactly like the one in the picture as all of our molded in colored stocks are done by hand. Your stock will look very similar but not 100% exactly alike.


11.  Can I send in a money order or check for a purchase in the online retail store?  Unfortunately no, the system is set up to accept credit, debit or gift cards only.


11. Can I pay with cash or send in a check to purchase any stock in inventory?  Unfortunately the online store only accepts credit/debit cards.