Norm Harrold and Team McMillan F-Open

by McMillan

Last year, McMillan began sponsoring Team McMillan F-Open. Shooting our Kestros R and ZR stocks, at least 12 first-place awards were earned by team members, in addition to numerous top-ten finishes with many placing in the top-three. As a team, they placed 2nd at the NRA Mid-Range Nationals, 4th in the NRA Long-Range Nationals, won the Skip Talbot Memorial Trophy and placed 4th at the Berger Southwest Nationals.

To top it all off, team member Norman Harrold became the 2018 F-Class National Champion and set a new 1,000-yard record in Raton, New Mexico. The previous record was 200 with 17Xs, while Norm broke the record with 200-22X. His overall match score was 1,188-62X.

Addressing Kelly McMillan, Norm said: “All this wouldn’t/couldn’t have taken place without your awesome stocks and financial support Kelly. Thank you very much and hopefully, we can continue to make you and the McMillan name proud. Overall as a team and individuals, I think we’ve had a pretty impressive first year for Team McMillan F-Open. I would be willing to put our team and individual performances against any other stock makers out there. I’m very proud of my teammates … we’re just getting warmed up.”

Norm used a McMillan Kestros ZR stock with a Kelbly action and Bartlein barrel chambered for .284 Shehane. Loading a Berger 184-grain 7mm bullet in Lapua brass, this rifle and load outperformed all other competitors. We’re happy to help Norm and the team redefine F-Class competition shooting.

kestros-zrThe Kestros ZR is as good as it gets when it comes to F-Class rifle stocks. What sets the ZR apart is an aluminum rail system that extends from the forend. This lowers the center of gravity and helps with sand displacement in the front bag. Made with precision machined aluminum rails, these are parallel on all sides and with the buttstock. The Kestros is made of solid fiberglass front to back with layers of carbon fiber added to stiffen up the forend. The Kestros R also features an aluminum rail system, but unlike the ZR, the R’s rails do not extend beyond the stock.

What better way to prove the Kestros than to have our team shoot so well and for Norm to set a new record? The next NRA F-Class National Championships in Raton are coming up on September 15th for Mid-Range and the 19th for Long-Range. We can’t wait to see Norm and the team clean house again!

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