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Lynne: Hello this is Lynne, how may I help you?

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Customer: I would like to place an order for a stock. But I have a few questions first.


Lynne: Okay, what can I help you with?


Customer: I would really like an A5 but I have a Stiller Tac 30, do you make one for that action?


Lynne: Yes we do, is it a right hand action?


Customer: Yes.


Lynne: Does it have a right hand port?


Customer: Yes it does.


Lynne: What kind of bottom metal are you going to use?


Customer: I am going to use a Badger M5, do you have magazines for them?


Lynne: Yes we have polymer and steel and you can check them out on the online store. Do you know the barrel dimensions, maker and contour?


Customer: Yes, I am using a Krieger USMC contour.


Lynne: Do you know how long the cylinder is?


Customer: What is that?


Lynne: The portion of the barrel right in front of the receiver that is straight. It is what houses the chamber. It is usually between 1 and 3 inches in length.


Customer: The website says it is three inches.


Lynne: That is the dimension before the barrel is installed. The cylinder length is determined by where the person who barrels it decides to begin cutting the threads for the shank. You need that dimension once it has been installed. If it has not been installed yet you can tell your gunsmith what you want, say a 1 and a half inch cylinder.


Customer: It is already installed but I will have to measure it. I will call you right back.


Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.32.08 AMCustomer: Hi Lynne, sorry it took so long but I finally got it, it is 1 7/8”. I finally found my tape measure.


Lynne: The next time you need to order a stock for a custom build, you may want to buy a Barrel Measuring Kit from our on-line store. It has a set of calipers, and a form as well as a DVD to show you exactly how to measure your barrel. Let’s get back to your order, do you want an Adjustable A5 or a fixed comb?


Customer: I want the adjustable cheek piece.


Lynne: Do you want an adjustable thumb-wheel or our standard pinch block elevator?


Customer: Which is better?


Lynne: It depends on what you plan to use it for. The thumb-wheel allows you to make minute adjustments on the height of the cheek piece while you are on the gun. And now with our magnetic cheek piece you won’t have to lower the cheek piece all the way down to remove the bolt if the need arises, you just tug on the cheek piece until it comes off. The magnets are very powerful so the cheek piece won’t fall off accidentally. This is great for a competition rifle such as an F Class F-TR rifle. The pinch block is a new improved version of the old standard elevator that will tighten down and not shoot loose during a string. We also have three different thumb screws to choose from deciding on how tight you feel you need it to be. Both versions of the cheek piece can be adjusted either closer to, or away from, the shooter and can be slanted either away or towards. You can accomplish that by loosening the two screws on top of the cheek piece making the required adjustment, then retightening the screws.


Customer: I will take the Thumbwheel with magnetic cheek piece.


Lynne: What would you like on the butt?


Customer: What are my options?


Lynne: You can have a fixed length of pull with a Pachmayr Decelerator in either ½ inch or 1 inch, A spacer system which comes standard with a ½” pad but you can have it with a 1” pad, you can have a Vertically Adjustable butt plate which can be adjusted up and down and can come with either recoil pad installed or you can have a 3 Way Adjustable butt plate which allows you to adjust for length of pull, cant, and raise or lower the pad which can come with either a ½ inch or 1 inch pad.


Customer: I will have the spacer system.


Lynne: Do you know what you want for sling swivels?


Customer: I didn’t know I had a choice. What are my options.


Lynne: You can choose Uncle Mike’s Sling swivel studs or McMillan Flush-cups, and specify how many you’d like and where you want us to put them.


Customer: Give me the usual.


Lynne: Okay, for tactical rifles most guys are going with two Uncle Mikes in the bottom of the front, one flush-cup in the bottom of the rear and two flush-cups on the left side, one front and one rear. And remember, if you want a Picatiny rail on the forend, we make a 4” rail that will mount directly where the two front studs are, just remove them, add the rail and screw them back in.


Customer: Ok that sounds great, can I order the rail from the on-line store if I decide to get one?


Lynne: Yes. What type of finish do you want, painted or molded in?


Customer: I want the molded in Desert Spectre Camo.


Lynne: That should about do it, do you have any other questions?


Customer: Do I need to send my barreled action in?


Lynne: For your order it is not necessary. We have all the inletting programs to make you stock exactly the way you want it and it should be perfect when you get it. However, if you want to send it in to make sure everything is perfect before we send it out, you can do that.


Customer: Okay, I won’t send it in, how long will it take?


Lynne: First, I will get the order written up and checked, then in about a week or so you will receive a confirmation. This is to make sure I haven’t made any mistakes in writing down exactly what you want. You need to look it over closely and when you are satisfied it is right, sign it and return it to us so we can actually begin the order. We are delivering stocks in about 4 months right now, some a little longer, most a little less. It just depends on the shop flow.


Customer: Do I need to pay for it now?


Lynne: No, you can give us your information and we will notify you when it is ready to ship, and we can charge your credit card at that time.


Customer: I guess that’s it then. Thank you for your help.


Lynne: Thank you for the order. We really appreciate your business. I am sure you will love your stock when it is done.


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