A3 Sporter – Savage Centerfeed Model

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The A-3 Sporter design is based on customer demand. For years, shooters have purchased McMillan’s “A” series tactical stocks as precision rifles. Because McMillan’s “A” series are basically designed as prone stocks, the company received numerous requests for a version of the tactical stocks that retained its comfortable vertical pistol grip but was more suited to general hunting and offhand use. The A-3 Sporter is a variation of McMillan’s A-3 tactical stock but with the drop-at-heel lowered from 3/8″ down to 1″ for better stock position on the shoulder for offhand and sitting use. The forearm has been curved in at the top to a “semi-beavertail” type for a more positive grip when hand holding the rifle. The pistol grip is the same as the A-3 and Adj. A3-5 stocks.


These stocks are inlet and drop in ready for Right handed Savage short or long actions, factory detachable box magazine and factory sporter barrel.  (The stock will accommodate the larger magnum and varmint savage barrels but the barrel channel in the stock will need to be sanded open to free float the barrel.)  Please choose your color and make your appropriate selections below to view current inventory.


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Product Description


1″ Pachmeyer decelerator recoil pad @ 13.5″ length of pull.

2 Stud mounts for a sling.

Aluminum pillars installed


Overall length of stock:  30.5″
Approx standard fill weight:  2.25 lbs (L700 inlet 2.5 lbs)
Depth of action area:  1.850″ (this will vary depending on action model)
Max diameter action:  1.4″
Forearm width:  2.265″
Grip width:  1.850″
Buttstock width:  1.725″
Drop @ comb:  5/16″


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