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Throughout history, there have been a relatively small number of combat knife designs which are both timeless and complete in their ability to combine form and function. They are synonymous with battles, places and events that will long be remembered.

This is one such design.

The unmistakable lines and the instantly recognizable features of the Fidelis, bring to mind the events that shaped it into legend. From the Pacific of World War II, to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and countless small and desperate fights little known but for the few who were witness to them, this knife was forever faithful.

We pay tribute here to that design and to that legend. While carrying forward with the traditional look and feel of the original, we added features that improves upon it in subtle yet important ways. No other knife of this style comes close to the quality we have forged into it. It is a fitting tribute we feel. We are proud to offer it.

Each knife is handcrafted by master knife maker Barry Dawson exclusively for McMillan Group International.

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Product Description


    • 1/4” thick 5160 carbon steel ,


    • 3/4” X 1/4” spring tempered tang for strength,


    • The blade is hollow ground on a 16” wheel, and custom heat-treated,


    • The guard is crafted from 3/16” steel and the pommel is 5/16” steel,


    • The finish on the blade, guard and pommel is black.


    • The handle is traditional stacked leather, which has been dyed and sealed.


    • Blade length is approx. 7 ½”, overall length is

      approx. 12 5/8”


    • Heavy Duty Leather Sheath with post release for stealth and security.


    • Lanyard Holes


  • Each knife is individually serial numbered


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