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The Tooley MBR stock, inspired by David Tooley, has gained wide acceptance in the shooting industry and is often duplicated by other stock manufacturers. Designed for 1000 Yard Benchrest shooting, this stock is proven to enhance performance. It has an extra long 3 inch wide forend for extended tracking surface. This stock will accommodate actions or sleeves with a maximum diameter of 1.6 inches. The large straight comb buttstock was designed with the bottom running at a three degree slant to allow it to move down and away from the face under heavy recoil. This allows the rifle to track extremely well. The MBR is legal for 1000 Yard Benchrest, but not for short range 100-300 yard I.B.S. or NBRSA benchrest. The MBR has a minimum weight of about 3.75 lbs. Recommended for a blind magazine or single shot only.


Please call and speak with a representative regarding action compatibility. This stock is for Remington Tang Actions.


  • Stock is Ambidextrous
  • Primed and ready to paint
  • No pad or hardware installed
  • Fixed Comb
  • Flat Top (No Machining performed)
  • Weighs 3 LBS 14 OZ as is

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 7 × 4 in