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McMillan Hunter Forest Marble
McMillan Hunter Forest Marble butt stockmcm hunter painted blackmcm hunter painted black buttMcMillan hunter painted olive with black specks buttstockMcMillan Hunter painted olive with black specks


Choose your specific rifle specs below and get quick delivery!

These stocks are finished and complete with recoil pads and sling studs.  Once you make your inlet selections below, we take your stock to get CNC machined to your exact rifle specs.  This takes approx 4-6 weeks to do (Ruger & Savage inlets take approx 6-8 weeks) and then we ship the stock to you.


A selection must be made for every category.  If not applicable for your rifle, select N/A.  For example, if your rifle has its factory barrel on it, select N/A for “Contour #” and “Straight Cylinder Length”.  Those two selections are for custom aftermarket barrel contours.


Please allow approx 4-6 weeks for shipping.  See the video tutorial below for your reference.  Please note, the McMillan Hunters’s forend cannot fit barrel contours larger than a #4 contour size.  Make a selection for every category below to view current inventory.


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Product Description

Not sure what a Straight Cylinder Length is?  It is the chambered straight portion of the barrel after it has been installed on an action.  It is measured from the face of the action, forward (including the recoil lug on Remingtons) towards the muzzle, to the first contour break on the barrel.  Click here for a photo of a 2 inch Straight Cylinder



1″ Pachmeyer decelerator recoil pad @ 13.5″ length of pull

2 Stud mounts for a sling

Aluminum pillars installed



Overall length of stock:  31.25″
Approx standard fill weight:  2 lbs (L700 inlet 2.5 lbs)  Ultralight carbon fiber stock weighs 24-28 ounces.
Depth of action area:  1.950″ (this will vary depending on action model)
Max diameter action:  1.4″
Forearm width:  1.550″
Grip width:  1.725″
Buttstock width:  1.540″
Drop @ comb:  front 11/16″  rear 3/8″

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks "Inlet Ready" Tutorial


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