Mountaineer Ultralight

mountaineer dipped matte kryptek highlander camo
mountaineer dipped matte kryptek highlander camo butt stockMountaineer painted GAP transition camo butt stockMountaineer painted GAP transition camo



  • Right Hand Remington 700 short or long action
  • BDL floor plate
  • Sporter or Magnum Remington barrel contour.


  • McMillans lightest (approx 22-25 oz) and compact stock made from carbon fiber and McMillans “edge technology”.
  • Smoothe stock, no checkering panels on forend or grip.
  • Slight downward slope on comb to pull cheek away from impact under recoil.
  • Short forend, about 7″ long on a Remington 700 long action inlet.
  • Front stud installed at tip of stock to keep clear for shooting off hand or off shooting sticks
  • Superior balance when carrying on sling


Though an ultralight, it is still guaranteed to handle the recoil of all magnum cartridges up to and including the .300 win mag.


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Product Description


1″ Pachmeyer decelerator recoil pad @ 13.5″ length of pull.
2 Stud mounts for a sling
Aluminum pillars installed


Overall length of stock:  28 5/8″
Approx standard fill weight:  22-25 oz
Depth of action area:  1.8″
Max diameter action:  1.4″
Forearm width:  1.535″
Grip width:  1.370″
Buttstock width:  1.585″
Drop @ comb:  1/8″


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