SBS painted black
SBS painted black butt stock



  • Right Steyr SBS short action
  • Factory 5 round detachable box magazine (10 round magazine can be used with slight alteration to bottom of stock)
  • Factory Heavy or Pro Hunter 23.6″ barrel


  • Built after the popular adjustable A3 stock
  • Slim square forend compared to the A5
  • Flat bottom of forend for stability
  • Texture panels on forend and grip for a more positive gripping surface
  • Vertical grip with thumbshelf, providing less fatigue and more comfort on shooters wrist
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Product Description

  • 4″ McMillan picatinny rail installed for bipod with quick detach sling loop attachment
  • Spacer system on butt stock (13″ – 14.5″ of adjustability)
  • Thumbwheel adjustable cheek piece
  • Rear flush cup on butt stock for quick detach sling loop
  • Steel escutcheons installed for action screws



Overall length of stock:  31″

Weight:  3.25 – 3.5lbs

Depth of action area”  1.9″

Forearm width:  1.9″

Grip width:  1.8″

Buttstock width:  1.560″


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