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A while back Tactical Invention was approached by a long time operator of the highest abilities with several ideas on how to improve upon the TIS Slip Cuff.  Well, our usual response is to only use TIS ideas in TIS products but these where such good ideas the normal rules were broken and the Joint Venture, Tactical Intervention/Arcangel Gearworx   Slip Cuff Gen Two Quick Release was born.


1.45″ in width.  Push button loops sold separately.


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Product Description



The Slip Cuff Precision Rifle Sling is one of the most versatile and innovative rifle slings ever made. The Slip Cuff Precision Rifle Sling is what precision marksmen have been waiting for a long time. It will meet both tactical and precision sport shooter’s needs. It is even a great hunter’s sling.


The Slip Cuff Precision Rifle Sling is light, strong and very adjustable. The Slip Cuff Precision Rifle Sling is easy to attach to most any rifle and it is quick and easy to slip into while in the field or on deployment. With many satisfied customers singing our praises, we are confident that The Slip Cuff Precision Rifle Sling has met a need that until now has been overlooked by the other manufacturers.



The ruggedly constructed Slip Cuff Precision Rifle Sling is made of mil-spec Nylon. This material makes our sling not only resistant to the elements and many chemicals, but it also makes it far superior to leather slings because there is far less stretching.

All slings feature positive and durable buckles and clips.



The Slip Cuff Precision Rifle Sling is made by active duty law enforcement professionals. Though it is a very good choice for civilian marksmen, it was originally designed with tactical features in mind.

Here are a few of the tactical features:

  • The sling is designed to resist tangle in any mode, carry or shooting.
  • The Slip Cuff Precision Rifle Sling can be painted to match your environment.
  • The sling is designed for quiet operation and deployment.
  • The Sling is quickly adjustable for length and carry options.
  • The Slip Cuff Rifle Sling can be used as a traditional sling, as a hasty sling, or as a cuff sling.


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