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Among the elite Special Operations Forces throughout the world, there is one common object that serves as a badge of recognition toward the effort, dedication, and skills which they have given themselves totally in the preparation and pursuit of service and to the highest levels of personal achievement that defines them. The Combat Dagger is the recognizable badge of those who have achieved that status.

The dagger is a design whose basic lines trace a lineage through time and the centuries, its ancestry dating to human prehistory. Daggers have been used not only throughout the human experience but up to this modern day in close combat confrontations around the globe. This design is no different from its ancestors. Its very image symbolizes courage and daring in combat.

To that end, we have created VERITAS with the highest degree of quality and detail. It will not fail.

We mean it to last for the ages and we are confident that it will.

Each knife is handcrafted by master knife maker Barry Dawson exclusively for McMillan Group International.

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Product Description


    • 1/4” thick 5160 carbon steel ,


    • 5/8” X 1/4” spring tempered tang for strength,


    • The blade is hollow ground on a 10” wheel, and custom heat-treated,


    • The guard is crafted from 3/16” steel and the pommel is 5/16” steel,


    • The finish on the blade, guard and pommel is black.


    • The handle is traditional stacked leather, which has been dyed and sealed.


    • Blade length is approx. 7 ½”, overall length is
      approx. 12 ½”


    • Heavy Duty Leather Sheath with post release for stealth and security.


    • Lanyard Holes


  • Each knife is individually serial numbered


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