The McMillan A-6 Stock

by McMillan

At McMillan, we constantly draw on customer feedback and trends in the shooting world to improve our stocks. Former models remain mainstays, while newer additions become cutting edge options for a variety of functions. In the line of Tactical stocks, the A-series has always been a favorite for Military and Law Enforcement applications, competitive shooters and tactical shooting enthusiasts. Gale McMillan developed the modern tactical rifle in 1975 with the M40A1. Since then we’ve been providing professionals and citizens with the most accurate and innovative tactical stocks on the market. The McMillan A-5 quickly became our most popular model in the A-series because of the combination of its predecessor’s best and most requested features. These features include a wider and flatter beavertail forearm, lower sitting action and barrel, trim pistol grip, and an all-purpose butt hook. The A-5’s versatility and performance speaks for itself. But once again we drew on customer feedback and sought to improve it in any way we could.

One development was to square up the A-6 forend with flats. This design theme carries back to the magazine well. This allows the shooter to use a tripod mounting system or clamp near the center of the rifle. Additionally, this new forend design enhanced its functionality when used on barricades, bags, or from window sills. We purposefully left the texture off the stock, allowing for smoother recoil. This, accompanied by its shape, allows for flawless use in bags, for quick follow up shots and improved sight picture.

Increased adjustability started with the A-4 and has improved with each iteration in the A-series. The A-6 cheekpiece is an integral, streamlined design that allows for easy adjustments and precise positioning. A variety of customizable cheekpiece hardware is available, just as on all of our adjustable tactical stocks.

ADJ-A6-PRS-PAINTED-MCM-TRANSITION-RIGHT-SIDEWhile fundamental features such as this are standard, the greatest difference between our A6 models is the rear end.

The A-6 started with a traditional tactical butt hook, similar to the A-5 and A3-5. We then made the A-6 PRS, which has a swept butt instead of a butt hook allowing for a traditional angled drop at the butt. This allows for greater adjustment when shooting with a rear bag because the shooter can slide the rear bag forward and aft to adjust their vertical alignment. The A-6 and A-6 PRS are designed for Remington clone actions.

From there we made the A-6 Supermag, which also has the swept butt hook intended for ELR shooting. The a6 supermagSupermag is designed for larger diameter actions, such as the Stiller TAC408.

As is standard with the A series, the A-6 and A-6 PRS are ambidextrous and can be inlet for Remington clone actions and more recently the Tikka T3/T3X. While the A-6 Supermag was designed specifically for actions up to 1.65” in diameter and barrels up to 1.5” in diameter. We extended its forend by 5” in order to better support the longer barrels of these rifles.

The versatility of our stocks is what has made us unique to the marketplace. Our ability to inlet for a wide variety of actions, barrels, and hardware has set us apart from the competition. As demands grow we will expand the product line. We will continue to listen to what the customers want and expand our inletting capabilities to meet what the market demands.

What makes our product great is that we offer our stocks with machined-in pillars and that they do not require bedding. This is one of the biggest misconceptions with our stocks. Of course, bedding is great, but it is not required in our stocks.

Whether one needs a tactical rifle for target practice or competitive use, this stock looks better, performs better, and weighs less than any stock in its price range. We promise the A-6 will not only improve an action’s performance but allow its user a more versatile and ergonomic experience. As always we will continue improving our products and building better stocks for you and those serving our country.

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