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Z-1: Launching the McMillan Universal Stock Line

by McMillan

We’re happy to announce a project that’s been long in the works with the release of a new stock. The McMillan Z-1 is the first in our original line of Universal Stocks. This series is an attempt to revolutionize not only the way in which stocks are manufactured but to continue building the best customer experience possible. Featuring a universal inlet, the Z-1 is able to accommodate a broad variety of Remington type actions and most barrel contours without any factory or user modification. This greatly reduces wait time and makes it incredibly easy for users to switch between actions of this type.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks will always remain the forerunner in custom tactical, hunting, benchrest, and competition stocks. In addition to our present offerings, we work tirelessly with customers that need stocks inletted for specific actions and barrels. Still, we saw great possibility in a Universal Stock that could effortlessly accommodate a wide range of one of the most popular action types in circulation. Using a large collection of Remington brand and clone actions, we were able to compile measurement data and then calculate a precise inlet measurement that could accommodate each of them while maintaining their accuracy. While earlier stocks feature an inlet specific to their mated action, any action that shares the action diameter and guard screw spacing of Remington types will fit the Z-1 off the shelf.

In this way, we have streamlined our production process and hope to maintain the immediate availability of the Z-1 and future Universal Stock designs. Having a one-size-fits-most stock means that time is eliminated off both the front and back ends of production. Knowing which Remington type action one owns is enough, allowing customers to place orders straight away and simply wait on shipping time.

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The low stock line of the Z-1 allows us to eliminate the need for custom port and bolt release cuts. We believe this also contributes to its sleek, no frills, fiberglass design. Every inch of the Z-1 is based on considerations from our years of research and customer input. All Universal Stocks will be quintessential tactical stocks. In addition to the Z-1’s universal compatibility, its functionality ranges from tactical and law enforcement applications to hunting and competition use. Currently, the Z-1 is only available in a right-side bolt configuration but an ambidextrous model is in the works. With this in consideration, we have vigorously tested and approved its ease of use in left-handed firing positions.76751796_10158852343523368_7471055801340133376_o

With the Z-1 we were able to include several ergonomic features that we’ve wanted to integrate for quite some time. Starting with a finger stop on the grip, debuted on our A10 stock, this allows the trigger finger to rest at the exact level of the trigger just behind the guard. Allowing for quicker and smoother response times. Currently exclusive to the Z-1, we also included a thumb shelf just behind the bolt port on the right and left sides. This allows users to grip the stock seamlessly during firing and at rest — the Z-1 truly feels like an extension of one’s arm. Like most of our tactical stocks, there is an adjustable cheek piece and a variety of rail options available.

This stock is the beginning of a future at McMillan that will make a range of stocks immediately available for common action types. We’re pleased to share the Z-1 with you and can’t wait for you to try it with your Remington or Rem-clone action.

For more details, contact us at stocks@mcmillanusa.com or call (623) 582-9635.

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