McMillan is more than a leading firearms brand. It is a philosophy.

When you choose McMillan, you are expressing your preference for the highest standards of performance, quality and integrity. This is not merely a philosophy of firearms, but of all that is worthwhile to achieve.

This drive for excellence has positioned McMillan as a leading innovator in the industry. McMillan developed the stock for the first true tactical rifle adopted by the Marines, a stock you can still purchase as the M40A1-HTG. McMillan developed the first molded-in marble patterns. McMillan developed the legendary A-5 stock, a pattern that the industry has since imitated extensively. McMillan stocks hold numerous world records in competitive events.

And while we could compromise by simplifying our product line, we have chosen instead to provide the widest range of stock patterns, colors and finishes in the industry. We know it is important for you to be able to select exactly the right stock for your mission, your firearm and your physique.

When you choose McMillan, you are partnering with a longtime supporter of the shooting sports. McMillan is a lifetime member of all important industry associations, hunting and conservation groups. We generously sponsor activities that support our youth, and actively participate in legislative efforts to protect our constitutional rights as firearms owners.

At McMillan, we mean it literally when we offer the following words: In shooting, as in life, success is defined by whether you hit what you aim for. Always, Shoot to Win.