Edge Flat Top Rifle Stock

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The McMillan Ultralight Benchrest EDGE is 1/3 lighter and much stiffer than a traditional benchrest stock. The outer shell is 100% carbon fiber for low weight and stiffness. The radical forend is engineered like a structural beam for extra stiffness in the vertical axis. A molded-in barrel channel increases stiffness. Oversized siderails resist torque and improve tracking in a front rest. An ultra low center of gravity improves stability. The adjustable weight system in the buttstock lets you fine tune weight and balance, but is not designed for converting from light varmint to heavy varmint. The receiver area is filled with a proprietary lightweight, strong material. The barrel channel will accommodate the largest legal benchrest contour. There is a 1/2” flat on the buttstock, which is tapered to meet the minimum angle required by both the NBRSA and the IBS.  We have two molds, one for Remington style tang receivers and one for square tang receivers (Panda, Viper, Nesika, Grizzly, Hall). These stocks can also be made in heavy varmint weights with conventional fiberglass construction. This stock is sold as a flat top only.

  • This stock is designed to accept Remington style actions and benchrest tang actions. Please give us a call regarding action compatibility.
Drop at Comb


Drop at Heel


Drop to Toe


Forearm Width


Grip to Tip


Butt Width


Butt Flatt


Grip Width


Overall Length


Length of Pull (w/o pad)


Maximum Action Diameter


Maximum Barrel Channel Diameter



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