McMillan Hunter Class Benchrest Flat Top Rifle Stock

Starting at $631.00

The Hunter Class stock is identical to the standard Benchrest, except that the flares on the forend have been removed to meet the 2.250 inch requirement. In addition, a Hunter Class stock specifically designed for a Remington 700 or 40X can be ordered. A sporter stock is generally the same as the Light Varmint stock. Available in right and left hand. Only available in blind magazine or single shot configurations. This stock is sold as a flat top only.

  • This stock is designed to accept Remington style actions and benchrest tang actions. Please give us a call regarding action compatibility.
Action Type


Action Inlet

Remington 700 Short Action

Product Type

Hunting / Sport Rifle Stock

Stock Model

Game Warden

Action Orientation

Right Handed


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