McMillan McMillan Br-50 Flat Top Rifle Stock

Starting at $631.00

The McMillan BR50 is a variation of our standard benchrest stock. The 3” flare has been removed under the action so that it does not interfere with the bolt handle. The forend has been shortened for improved appearance when using 18” to 20” barrels. It can be used both right and left-handed and is primarily designed for the Anschutz 54, CZ452 and other rimfire actions. It will not accept most centerfire actions. This stock is sold as a flat top only.

  • This Stock is designed for mostly CZ and Anschutz actions. Please give us a call regarding action compatibility. 
Action Type


Action Inlet

Remington 700 Short Action

Product Type

Hunting / Sport Rifle Stock

Stock Model

Game Warden

Action Orientation

Right Handed


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