A Family Legacy

by McMillan

Some of John Davidson’s earliest memories are of hunting with his father and grandfather in the South Texas brush. John shared his passion for shooting and the importance of firearm safety with his son, Jake, from a very early age.


On his first hunt in New Mexico with his dad, Jake shot a 3×3 mule deer after three days of hiking and tracking. John says it was a challenging hunt for an 11-year-old, but it ended in success with a 175-yard, shouldered shot. Jake was using a McMillan Mountaineer stock with Remington 700 titanium rechambered for 30-06 Ackley Improved.


“I enjoy hiking through the mountains and spending time with my Dad,” Jake said. “I love having a freezer full of venison.”


The next year, Jake drew another New Mexico youth deer tag for the Santa Fe National Forest. John built two rifles with McMillan HTG stocks: a 6.5 Creedmoor for Jake and a 7mm STW for himself.


Describing the hunt, John said, “Each day began at 3:00 am. After several hours of hiking we came into a group of does bedded down in the hillside timber. I whispered to Jake to get ready as there had to be a buck in the group.  I saw the unmistakable grey body of a buck bedded down about 150 yards uphill from us. Jake set up to take the shot.  The 6.5 Creedmoor performed flawlessly.”


John says that it was reputation that made him select McMillan stocks for their hunting rifles:


“Hunts like these require a tremendous amount of effort both before and during the hunt. Why would you risk it all with less than the best equipment? McMillan stocks are rock solid and lightweight. They are comfortable to carry and use. The stock is truly the foundation upon which an accurate rifle is built.”


The rifles he and Jake used on these hunts were built by John Powers of Powers Metal Works. Recently, John applied for his Type 07 FFL and will be building his own hunting rifles which will feature McMillan stocks. Watch for these in the future from Southpaw Precision.