Bill Shehane’s ST-1000F and MBR Stocks

Bill Shehane’s ST-1000F and MBR Stocks

by Kelly McMillan

McMillan has manufactured fiberglass versions of Bill Shehane’s stocks for nearly two decades now. When our partnership began, I remember doing business with Bill and our wives in the garage of my house. Like McMillan Stocks, Bill’s D & B Supply is a family business dedicated to providing target shooters and hunters with quality products. That’s why we work together, because I believe in Bill’s designs, and Bill knows that McMillan produces the best fiberglass stocks on the market.

The ST-1000L is Bill’s original laminate wood version of his “Shehane tracker” stock. This design was expertly developed over a two-year period at 24 International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) matches. With this stock, Bill has set 9 IBS records, and was recognized as the 1997 IBS 1,000-yard Shooter of the Year — not to mention the success of Bill’s customers, who have proved his design both on hunting trips and on target. One such success occurred this year. With a ST-1000, Mike Wilson became the current all-time IBS group and score record holder at the Hawks Ridge Gun Club in North Carolina. Mike shot a 1.068” group with a perfect 50 score and 5 X’s. That’s the kind of accuracy I want to support. 

Bill got involved with the original IBS committee and pushed for the sanctioning of 1,000-yard matches. This was in the early 1990s, making IBS among the first long-range competitive organization. After their expansion to 600-yards matches, this made long-range competitions available nationwide on most weekends. Today, IBS matches are hosted around the United stf1000States in 100-, 200-, 300-, 600-, and 1,000-yard categories. The ST-1000 not only meets IBS regulations, but also NBRSA and Williamsport 1000-yard rules, and light gun and F-Class weight restrictions. It’s a versatile stock, good for both short- and long-range competition, and practical for varmint or big game hunting. Ask bill to show you the game his customers have taken.

The McMillan fiberglass version, or ST-1000F, weighs in at 3 pounds, 14 ounces with a special mix of stock fillers to stiffen the stock as well as absorb vibration. Many actions are compatible with this stock, and we provide two different inletting styles: square tang, for well-known high-quality custom actions, and Remington style round actions. Like all McMillan stocks, the ST-1000F is available in a variety of custom color patterns. The design of the ST-1000F is practical with no frills. A straight line from the forearm to the buttstock, it takes advantage of the IBS long range rules, which don’t have drop limit in the buttstock. It also looks sleek and really stands out in our marble fiberglass finishes. At $545, this stock is an affordable option to Bill’s handmade laminate stocks, and his design is a great option for competition, hobby, or hunting purposes.

mbrMcMillan also offers Bill’s MBR “Big Dawg” stock design in fiberglass. The big brother of the ST-1000, this stock has a greater depth and is 4” longer, allowing better torque resistance for larger caliber actions and for longer barrels (up to 40” in length and a diameter of 1.5”). The ST-1000 design is already longer than average benchrest rifle stocks, so the MBR provides the same advantages for those who require a stock for larger calibers. It’s available with either a 4”-wide or 5”-wide foreend.

Both the ST-1000F and MBR in fiberglass have ½” flats on the sides of the foreend, which is within IBS rules and eliminates torque in the bags when firing. The bottom rear flat on the ST-1000F is ¾”, and a tapered ½” on the MBR, improving tracking and stability in the stocks under recoil. I believe in both designs, and I’m happy to supply Bill and his customers with a quality product.

Through D & B Supply, McMillan is contributing to the growing success of the competitive shooting world and helping set records. Bill’s stocks are available on his website: or by calling him at: 1 (704) 824-7511.