Contributions to PRS, NRL, and Guardian Shooting Competitions

Contributions to PRS, NRL, and Guardian Shooting Competitions

by Kelly McMillan

The Precision Rifle Series (PRS) is a “championship style point series race” designed to host the top precision rifle competitions and shooters in the Nation. From its inauguration in 2012, PRS has expanded to host 36 annual matches and has over 1,800 members. PRS offers a variety of categories for different types of shooters: Open, Senior, Junior, Lady, and active Military and Law Enforcement. And as of 2017, PRS has three classifications: Pro, Semi-Pro, and Amateur. For those skilled enough to proceed into the finals, PRS offers lucrative cash and physical prizes. The large scope of the PRS makes it a world-class organization. This year, in conjunction with W.A.R. Rifles, McMillan has sponsored a PRS team of five skilled shooters.

At, one can become a member, check the current standings, and look for matches in their area.

McMillan’s Tactical Precision Rifle stock (TPR) is a great option for those competing in PRS competitions. This stock was designed to broaden the range of McMillan’s tactical line. It offers a variety of adjustable options and more versatility within the “A” stock series. Fully ambidextrous, it is compatible with a variety of actions and can be inletted up to most Remington 700 or Savage actions. It also features a pistol grip for added comfort. At its core, the TPR uses technology that allows for better straight-line recoil reduction, contributing to its accuracy.

As with all of our fiberglass stock lines, the rigidity and light-weight design of the TPR contributes to its success in sporting and competitive applications. I want to emphasize that McMillan constantly works with customers to design stocks with the best function for their purpose. In our tactical line, we offer EDGE Tech, where we use 100% graphite cloth (carbon fiber) instead of molded fiberglass. Though with this method weight is greatly reduced, stocks made of molded graphite can withstand the same if not more recoil stress. As with all upgrades we offer, these specifications depend upon what a shooter wants and needs to help them perform at their best. Custom orders are available in a variety of finishes and patterns.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks is also a Series Sponsor of the National Rifle League (NRL). Like PRS, the NRL hosts membership-based precision rifle matches. In 2018, they will have hosted a variety of matches across 13 states, and we donated products, certificates, and gear to each one of these matches. We also had the pleasure to be a title sponsor at their April match in Arizona, hosted by Owens Armory.

First and foremost, the NRL is a non-profit organization that aims for growth and public education on precision rifle shooting through outdoor activities, such as matches. We are proud to sponsor organizations like the NRL that not only help shooters develop their marksmanship skills, but also emphasize firearms safety and the community, business, and family aspects of competitive shooting. With 235 members at the time of writing this post, the NRL is currently a growing organization and will be hosting three more matches this season, in California, Washington, and Idaho, respectively. Check out for detailed information on their mission statement and upcoming events. 

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The new McMillan Adjustable A6 is another great tactical option we offer for precision competitive matches. Taking inspiration from our benchrest series, the Adjustable A6 is meant to adapt to a number of shooting positions. The squared fore-end allows for comfortable shooting standing, resting on barricades or bags, and with most tri- and bipod mounting systems. Like most of our stocks it is ambidextrous, and it can be inletted for most Remington type actions. One of our most sleek bolt-action designs, this new A6 is not only practical but looks good, from its adjustable cheek piece to its angular fore end.

One of its “A” series predecessor, the A-5, is an entirely different beast. Designed with a wider beavertail forearm, this functionality along with the butt hook, excel in sandbag use, while allowing for accuracy from the standing position or for non-trigger hand adjustments. Importantly, the A-5 can be built down to just 2.5 pounds. These are professional-level tactical rifle stocks. While the average joe may be unaware of competitive bench rest rifle competitions, he can afford our stocks. We aim at building quality products that don’t break the bank for entry-level shooters interested in precision shooting as a hobby. Professionals are already performing with these stocks, why shouldn’t you be?

I’ll mention one more precision rifle series McMillan is involved with, the Guardian Long Range Competition. They say it best:

“100% of the proceeds go toward helping orphans and foster children find their forever families through Bethany Christian Services, America’s largest Christian nonprofit organization.”

“Since 2014, the Guardian has raised over $300,000 in this effort.”


Photo Credit: Guardian Long Range Competition

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Your registration fee with Guardian is a tax-deductible contribution to a charity that helps orphaned children. Guardian hosts full day precision shooting competitions around the country for a great cause. Eight matches will be hosted in 2018, with three upcoming in North Carolina (September), Georgia (October), and a December match in Arizona that we’ll be hosting. I’m proud to sponsor such a great cause, support their matches with prize contributions, and help out in any way I can. My daughter Britainy, Vice President of McMillan, sits in Guardian’s leadership teams and attends each match as a corporate sponsor. Again, the good work Guardian does is what the shooting world should be about—having fun and giving back. Our close work with Guardian means that we occasionally supply loaner precision rifles to be used by new shooters during their matches.

Check out our website or give us an email or call for more information on our tactical stocks. We have a variety of options for use in the U.S./International precision shooting scene.