Daniel Pohlabel’s Competition Update

Daniel Pohlabel’s personal and team accomplishments.

2010 Bob Wright Memorial match, Camp Perry 1st place FTR

2011 Berger Match, 5th place individuals FTR

2011 Rocky Mountain Palma match, 2nd place individuals FTR

2011 Santa Fe Long Range match, 1st place individuals FTR

2011 Midwest Palma match, 2nd place individuals FTR

2011 Nationals at Lodi, 8th place individuals, 2nd in Team match

2012 Berger Match, 6th place individuals FTR

2012 Rocky Mountain Palma match, 1st place individuals FTR

2012 Bob Wright Memorial match, Camp Perry 1st place FTR

2012 Great Lakes Regional at Camp Perry, 1st place in 4 matches, shoot-off wins in 2 of 4, Won both team matches

2012 Camp Perry, America Match, USA vs. Canada, 8-man Team match win (2nd highest score of any F-class shooter including F-open)

2012 Nationals at Raton, 3rd place individuals, 4th place in Team match

2013 Berger Match, 5th place individuals, 2nd in Team Match

2013 Southern Challenge, Bloemfontaine, South Africa, 2nd at 300 Meter Agg, 1st 500-600M Agg, 5th Long Range Agg. Team USA 2nd in Team Match

2013 Nationals at Raton, 10th place individuals, 5th place in Team match

2013 World Championships, Gold Medal in Rutland Match

2013 World Championships, 26th place individuals

2014 Berger Match, 14th individuals, 2nd in Team Match

2014 Sinclair Fullbore Nationals, 1st place Team Match FTR, 4th place Individuals

2014 Nationals at Phoenix, 1st place Team Match FTR, set Senior National record

2014 Camp Atterbury Season Champion FTR

All shooting from 2015 on with McMillan Stocks

2015 Berger Match, 1st place Team Match FTR

2015 Nationals at Phoenix, 3rd place Team Match FTR

2016 Nationals at Lodi, 9th place Individuals, 1st Team Match FTR

2017 Berger Match, 12th place Individuals, 1st Team Match FTR (2553-99X new Berger Record)

2017 KO2M Match, 6th place shooting a 338 LM AI with McMillan A5 Supermag

2017 World Championships Gold Medal 8-man Richardson Cup Team USA

2017 Nationals at Lodi, 5th place Individuals, 1st place Team Match

2018 Berger Match, 39th Individuals, 1st place Team Match

2018 KO2M Match, 11th place day 1 qualifying, Team McMillan Beast, 375CT AI

2018 NRA ELR, Camp Atterbury, 4th place

2018 Nationals at Raton, 3rd place Long Range Team Match

2018 Nationals at Raton, 2nd place Midrange Team Match (I was the coach and we lost by 1 X)


“Kelly thanks for all your support, I respect you and all you do for us and our sport.”  – Dan

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