Extreme Long-Range

Extreme Long-Range

By: Kelly McMillan

McMillan is a front-runner in the world of extreme long-range shooting (ELR). Our stocks are built with practical applications in mind, whether that be used by the U.S. Military or in the hunting world. In both of these applications, when required, a rifle should be able to perform at extreme distances on the ground, and our involvement in ELR proves that McMillan has gone the distance.

Twice, rifles with McMillan stocks have taken first place at the King of 2 Miles (KO2M) competition in Raton, NM. The first KO2M match was held in 2015 and has grown to be the premiere ELR event in the United States. In 2016, I sponsored Team Applied Ballistics and their shooter Mitchell Fitzpatrick went on to win it all. His teammates Bryan Litz and Paul Phillips placed 2nd and 4th, respectively.

Assisted by his spotter Paul Phillips, Fitzpatrick was shooting a .375 Lethal Precision Arms rifle in a McMillan A5 Super Mag stock using a solid 400gr prototype Berger bullet. He had first-shot hits on the 1454-, 1556-, 2011-, and 2477-yard targets. Unfortunately, not one competitor hit the 3375-yard target that year, but our technical development and advancements in the sport would change that in 2017.


 Team Applied Ballistics with Kelly McMillan at the NRA Whittington Center, Raton NM, 2016 – Photo Credit: Paul Phillip

Immediately after sponsoring and assisting Team Applied Ballistics at the 2016 KO2M, I began developing an ELR specific stock. What resulted is the ELR Beast 1. This stock needed the mass and length to handle the heavy torque and recoil of high-caliber rounds (accommodating actions up to 2” and barrel lengths of 32”+), while also falling within competitive weight regulations.

We designed the stock to handle recoil directly down its linear axis, which makes it truly ambidextrous; the adjustable cheek piece can be swapped from right to left, and the port and bolt can be inletted on either the right or left side. This stock comes with a 3-way butt plate and adjustable cheek piece.

After developing this stock, I once again sponsored Team Applied Ballistics at the 2017 KO2M competition in Raton. Shooting a .375 caliber Barnard Model P-Chey in the McMillan ELR Beast, Derek Rodgers took first place, becoming the second King of 2 Miles shooting a McMillan Fiberglass Stock. Importantly, he was the first shooter in the competition’s three years history to hit the 2-mile target. He cleared all 5 shots on the 1543-yard target, all 3 shots on both the 1722- and 1888-yard targets, and with shots on target at 1953-, 2667-, and 3028-yards, his fifth and final shot of the match hit the 3368-yard target. In respect to these distances, these are not large targets: 24”x37”, 30”x37”, 30”x37”, 33”x41”, 42”x54”, and 48”x60”. 

McMillan BeastI can’t thank Applied Ballistics, Mitchell Fitzpatrick, and Derek Rodgers enough for representing McMillan and our stocks so accurately at extreme distances.

After this practical test, I knew that slight adjustments could improve the ELR Beast stock even more, so we built the ELR Beast 2. While offering the same improved tracking between bipod and keel, which allows for finer adjustments, we further developed its straight tracking along the line of recoil. By raising the butt by 1.5” the lug would transfer energy to the center of the butt pad, eliminating a need for the 3-way butt plate in prone position. We also widened the butt for a larger pad with better absorption. Both the ELR Beast 1 and 2 stocks are available for an affordable price from my website ELRHQ.com. You can subscribe to my ELRHQ® newsletter for updates.

Whether one requires long distance equipment for hunting, competition, or hobby shooting, I created McMillan Stocks affiliate Extreme Long-Range Headquarters to provide them with a one-stop shopping source for all their ELR needs. Available for purchase on the website are high precision components in addition to the technical gear one needs to get their D.O.P.E. and stay on target. We also produce and feature videos that advise ELR shooters, such as one of Paul Phillips chasing a 4,125-yard shot.

Most recently, Randy Powell of Thunder Ammo placed first at the Spearpoint ELR Roundup 2018 in Barnard, KS. Randy was using his custom 460 Steyr in the new and improved McMillan Tac-50 A1 stock. He has been developing the 460 Steyr as a long-range round between the .50 BMG and .416 Barrett calibers. Out of 30 shooters, Randy had first-shot hits on the 2nd (1670-yards), 4th (all four shots, 1946-yards), 5th (2074-yards), and 6th target at 2204-yards. Our Tac-50 A1 stock has long been used in 1000-yard competitions and by U.S. and Canadian military services — Randy also proved it with three out of three hits at both a mile and 1890-yards, and finished with a hit at 2095-yards in Raton.

I will push distances in the ELR world as far as I can. As the target ranges increase, I will develop stocks that are able to meet these requirements. The A5 Super Mag, ELR Beast, and Tac-50 A1 have already proven McMillan’s dedication to the advancement of this sport. Check out ELRHQ.com for great deals on ELR equipment, news on product development, and updates into our continued success at ELR competitions.