revolutionary polymer stock

The revolutionary polymer stock

The McMillan Family is pleased to announce its venture into game changing technology and announcing its first polymer stock. These McCubed, injection molded stocks, will be unlike any on the market. They will be exponentially better! The McMillan team has spent countless hours working with engineers and firearm enthusiasts to design the ideal polymer stock that will not break the bank. The initial debut date has come and gone, but rest assured our team has delayed the release so that we can bring you the best of the best from the beginning. We’ve engineered some ground-breaking technology never before seen on a polymer stock.


Part of the mold for The Legend™ by Mc3 being milled out prior to heat treat.

The first stock to be released by McCubed will be its tactical stock, The Legend™, modeled after McMillan’s best-selling A-5 stock. With this revolutionary new technology, The Legend™ will be unlike any other tactical polymer stock on the market with its round contoured forend, just like the McMillan A-5. The Legend™ will be available with an innovatively designed adjustable cheek piece, that will allow for the most minute adjustment, and a spacer system. These stocks are currently designed to accept a Remington 700 short or long action with the factory hinged floor plate or an aftermarket detachable box magazine and will accommodate a varmint barrel contour. The Legend will debut in October 2017.

heat treat.

Part of The Legend™ mold ready for heat treat.

The second stock to be released by McCubed will be its hunting stock, The Tradition®, modeled after McMillan’s Game Scout stock. The Tradition® is similar in design to the Remington Classic hunting stock, but it has the popular McMillan A-3 vertical pistol grip. This allows stock owners a smooth transition from their tactical stock to the compact hunting stock. The Tradition® will be available for Remington 700 short and long action rifles with the factory hinged floor plate and will accommodate a sporter barrel contour. The Tradition® will debut in early 2018.

Both The Legend and The Tradition® will be available in a solid molded in dark tan finish or in one of three hydro-dipped finishes including the popular McMillan Camo. The MSRP on the McCubed stocks will range from $275-$425 depending on the model and options selected.

As with any product the McMillan family produces, the McCubed (AKA Mc3) stocks promise to be the best, and worth the wait!

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