McMillan A-10 Stock Announcement and Shot Show Update

By: McMillan Staff

January is the time of year when manufacturers and competitive shooters gather at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, where products are unveiled, and business is discussed by leaders in the firearms industry. McMillan has attended the Shot Show for many years now and we always look forward to interacting with so many great friends and companies. From hunting and sporting to military applications, McMillan is able to provide stocks and solutions for any situation or custom rifle build. This annual tradeshow always presents the perfect opportunity for fostering such connections. Shot Show 2019 was particularly successful for us with the debut of our newest stock in the A-line.

At this year’s Shot Show, McMillan Fiberglass Stocks presented the A-10 stock to overwhelming positive responses from shooters and industry leaders alike. Designed by our very own Vice President of Operations, Britainy McMillan, in collaboration with top-ranking precision rifle shooter, Regina Milkovich, the A-10 treads new ground in tactical and precision rifle stock design. We consider this a necessary and perfect addition to our award-winning tactical stocks for PRS, NRL, Guardian, and wide-ranging competitive match applications.

Britainy and Regina had a very specific goal in mind with the A-10: build a stock that would accommodate two of the fastest growing categories in the competitive shooting world, female and youth competitors and classes. This concept arose out of a necessity for both Britainy and Regina, regular sized competition stocks were too large for their hands and frames. Britany describes the A-10 stock as being built specifically for people of smaller stature, adding that no stock had ever been purposely designed for competitive shooters like herself and Regina. This stock had to meet match qualifications, the highest demands of both short- and long-range accuracy, all the while maintaining a shape and profile that allowed ease of use for women and youth competitors. However, it should be added that this new stock is practical for anyone who needs a streamlined, smaller, lightweight rifle build. All of these goals have been met and surpassed in the A-10.

Particular respect should be paid to Regina Milkovich, who had a direct hand in the A-10 design process with McMillan. During her 9-year career as a competition shooter, she’s “been the top female in the Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League for as long as they’ve both existed.” Her nickname in the leagues is “Wonder Woman,” due to her remarkable feats on the range and an interest in the character. She also helps run one of the longest operating precision rifle matches in the country, the Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge, as well as helping run her local club in Arizona, the AZ LRPRS. Regina is not just the only woman to have taken an overall win at a national-level match, she’s won that title twice: first at The Norcal Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge in 2016, attended by 75 competitors, and then again at the K&M Kahles Precision Rifle Competition in 2018, attended by 266 competitors. Her updated PRS webpage lists four additional first-place local wins (just within the last two years, although she’s been competing for nine) among many top-five position rankings both regionally and nationally. Regina also takes pride in the fact that she currently mentors several junior and female shooters. They’re in good hands with Wonder Woman. Her dedication and athleticism should not only inspire other female shooters but is a prime example of how the input of top competitors is key to building the most accurate rifle stocks on the market. 

Britainy and Regina used their expertise in addition to the input of many other top-ranking ladies in the sport, in order to make sure what they built was comprehensive to real-world needs and not off-base. Many female competitors, Regina included, had already been making modifications to pre-existing competition stocks so that they could perform better to their needs. Since the uncomfortable nature of pre-existing stocks on the market was a big problem for shooters with smaller hands and builds, this meant that many of them were switching to chassis-based systems. Now, women in the sport don’t have to mutilate their rifles, or hunt for something that only partially works; simply put, the A-10 fills a long-standing need in the competitive shooting world. McMillan has provided a lasting solution. This new design is certain to offer a perfect fit for both youth and female shooters, while being as accurate as any other McMillan tactical-precision stock.

The two most significant modifications were done where it was most needed: to the grip and trigger inlet, and to a shorter length of pull, customizable from the factory. The vertical grip has been moved closer to the trigger inlet (the grip forward and the trigger inlet back), allowing small and medium-sized hands adequate space for consistent trigger pulls. In competition and practice, it’s important to maintain the repetition of an even 90º trigger press every time. This was an impossibility when female and youth shooters had a hard time reaching their trigger finger the distance from rifle-grip to the trigger. Many of these features hadn’t been considered before, because many shooters with large hands never faced these challenges in the field. But to female shooters, it was an obvious need. Now, the A-10 accommodates what was once the biggest challenge to smaller handed shooters and provides consistency every time. This design feature ensures not only comfort, but accurate 90º trigger pull access from-the-factory.

All around, the A-10 received an ergonomic makeover, taking some of the best features from our other tactical stocks in the A-line. In addition to a slimmer grip that’s longer and narrower, it features the thinnest forearm of any McMillan stock, which is more squared like the A-6, though it doesn’t have beavertail flares. It has a redesigned butt hook, reminiscent of the A-5’s, but unique to its design. All lines on the A-10 run in parallel with the bore line and along a level plane. This gives it true horizontal tracking and straight-line alignment, ensuring an impeccable directionality along the line of fire. This is tried and true in both competition rest systems, with use atop bags or other tactical surfaces, and from standing position.

The A-10’s adjustable check piece ensures further comfort while firing. Like all McMillan stocks, it looks striking with its sleek lines and can be ordered in a variety of custom colors to a shooter’s preference. Many of our custom and standard features and modifications are also available upon request. It’s lighter than most of our stocks, weighing in at 3–3.75lbs, depending on the customizable length of pull and accessories.

Our most radical modification was done in order to shorten the length of pull. In the factory, we can cut down the rear stock to a minimum of 12” with butt pad installed, and with spacers (as, for example, when a youth shooter grows) lengthen this to 13 1/2”. Shooters can specify and custom order their specific length of pull. Previously, small-framed shooters struggled in reaching the trigger. Now, this radical modification, that many had been forced to make on their own, accommodates all shooters with true straight alignment behind the rifle and easy access to the grip and trigger from shooting position. Britainy puts it well: “These are just good modifications and features.” We agree and are happy to provide the best possible shooting experience for female and youth competitors.

The A-10 can be inletted for any Remington or Remington-clone style action. As all McMillan stocks, more and more custom inlets will be added upon request and as demand grows. This is a brand-new design and orders are already rolling in. Discussion has begun at the factory of a 10/22 modification for the A-10, to build what we envision will be one of the most accurate small-caliber fiberglass stocks available from the factory.

Just before Shot Show 2019, the stock was demoed at a regional AZ LRPRS match to a great reception. We’re incredibly excited to see this stock in the wild and in use by the many talented female competitors, and the up-and-coming youth shooters that are the future of these competitions. Those who have held the A-10 attest to its fit — it’s a dire solution when there was no stock like it before. This is why McMillan exists, to fulfill the needs of every shooter, and to enhance accuracy to its furthest limits. In fact, we don’t believe there is a limit and will continue pushing our product design to provide you with the best fiberglass stocks ever produced.

Lastly, McMillan would like to mention several female shooters waiting for their brand-new A-10 stocks. We look forward to hearing about and updating you on their success at future matches: Regina Milkovich, Morgan Walters, Nikki Broom, and Jennifer Seymore. Thank you all for your input and support, and good luck at the ranges!

A page on the A-10 will be added to the McMillan website soon. Custom orders can be placed now by calling our factory at: 1.877.365.6148 — during standard business hours — or emailing us at: We would like to thank everyone who came to see us at our booth this year, and we look forward to seeing you at Shot Show 2020.

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