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McMillan Sponsorships And Contributions

By: Kelly McMillan

I was reading a thread last week where one of the posts talked about how manufacturers are just involved in sponsoring events just to take advantage of the shooters and don’t contribute anything to the overall growth of the sport. As a result, I am going to do something I rarely if ever do. Below is a list of the matches, teams, and shooters that we have supported over the last year.


National Record Holders

We have donated $63,000 for McMillan & $6700 for Mc3 in gift certificates and products to various matches and conservation efforts. We have contributed over $15000 cash to various events. In addition, we have contributed $30,000 in cash to Team sponsorships as well as 60 stocks of assorted types for team members.

All of this is just one years worth of sponsorship.

Match Sponsorships

All NRL matches
All Guardian matches
Arizona Elk Society
Sportsman’s Challenge
Lone Survivor Foundation
Berger SW Nationals
Boy Scouts Troops
Various PRS matches
NRA ELR Nationals
GAP Grind
Rocky Mountain Big Horn Society
AZ Mule Deer
Hillsdale College
FClass Championships
Cactus Classic
King of 2 Mile
King of 2 Mile Television Show
JC Steel Challenge Matches
France’s PRS Match
World’s Long Shot Challenge
Bushnell Elite Tactical Sniper Challenge
WTRC/Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship and

Team Sponsorships

Team Michigan
Team USA U-25 (2021 Open)
Team Xit
US Rifle Team
US Navy Marksman Team
Team Xit Strategy
Team Savage

Shooter Sponsorships

Regina Milkovich
Tim Milkovich
Andy Puzsman
Randy Galvan
Texas Youth Girls F-Class
Cody Hartsock
Derek Rodgers
Paul Phillips
Daniel J. Pohlabel
Jeff Rorer
Mark V. Lonsdale
David Mann
Rick Jensen
Stan Pate
Mike Miller
Warren Dean
Monte Milanuk
Dan Lentz
Austin Elbert

I am sure I have forgotten some shooters and if so I apologize to each individual.

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