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Norman Harrold and Team McMillan F-Open

Team McMillan’s F-open accomplishments for 2018, shooting the Kestros R and ZR.
3 members in the top 11 at the NRA Long Range National Championship 1st-8th-11th
5 team members in the top 20 at the NRA Mid Range National Championship 8th-10th-11th-18th-19th
Berger Southwest Nationals 2nd
3-National Records
9-State Championships
Texas State Mid Range 1st and 4th
Missouri State Mid Range 1st 2nd and 4th
Missouri Resident Champion 2nd overall
Tennessee State Mid Range 1st and 4th
Oregon State Long Range 1st
Washington State Long Range 1st
Washington State Palma Long Range1st
Minnesota State Mid Range1st
Louisiana State Mid Range1st and 2nd
Missouri State Mid Range Regional Championship 1st
Oregon State Long Range Regional 1st
Sierra Cup 3rd
Sierra Cup two-man team 1st 2nd and 4th
With numerous other top 10 finishes not listed.
NRA Mid Range Nationals 2nd
NRA Long Range Nationals 4th
Winners of the Skip Talbot Memorial Trophy
Berger Southwest Nationals 4th
“All this wouldn’t/couldn’t have taken place without your awesome stocks and financial support Kelly. Thank you very much and hopefully, we can continue to make you and the McMillan name proud. Overall as a team and individuals, I think we’ve had a pretty impressive first year for Team McMillan Fopen. I would be willing to put our team and individual performances against any other stock makers out there. I’m very proud of my teammates…we’re just getting warmed up.” – Norm Harrold
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