Paul Phillips Shares his Love of ELR with his Daughter Addison

by McMillan


Paul Phillips, accomplished F-Class and ELR shooter, has worked with McMillan on several projects and continues to prove the accuracy of our stocks. Here at McMillan, we’re happy to know that Paul is sharing this passion with his 9-year old daughter Addison. McMillan is a 3-generation family business, still run by Kelly and his daughter Britainy, and this is what our efforts exemplify at the very best, the possibility for families to bond using our products.

At the Marksmanship Training Center in Lake City, Michigan, Addison was prone behind a McMillan A6 bedded with a VuDoo action in .22 long-rifle rimfire. Looking through a Nightforce ATACR 7-35 F2 scope with a TACOM Charlie TARAC prism set at 342 MOA elevation, she was shooting at a target 1,000-yards away! With that equipment and a father/coach like Paul, how could she miss? Addy made contact with this caliber at that distance, something almost unheard of. Not only that, Paul’s 82-year old father Rusty was there to witness it and made hits of his own. At the end of the day, 145 shots were fired and 13 were on target, each Phillips on paper. The Applied Ballistics analytics put them just in range of the target and elevation was the greatest issue/ Shooting Lapua Center-X, the flight time was 5 seconds.

Paul says that his daughter is excited to get into the shooting sport. He’s teaching her with subsonic ammo and a suppressor, so she can familiarize herself with the equipment in comfort. We think she’s great behind our stock and looks thrilled in Paul’s photos. After reeling it back to 322-yards, she had multiple hits grouping on a silhouette. A natural, just like her father! 

Leave it to Paul to get the youth involved in ELR. We’re excited to hear about Addison’s progress and to see how Paul pushes long-range limits next.



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