Welcome to the new Taking Stock blog by Kelly McMillan!

Welcome to the new Taking Stock blog by Kelly McMillan!

January 25, 2017

Welcome to the McMillan Fiberglass Stocks “Taking Stock” blog. I want to take a few minutes to get you up to speed with what has been happening here at McMillan. A few years ago I ran McMillan Firearms and spent a lot of my time building that brand. In 2013 I sold the rifle company to Strategic Armory Corp (SAC). Since then I have been able to again focus exclusively on McMillan Fiberglass Stocks which has had a significant positive impact on our line of stocks and related things. Here are a few that I’m excited to share with you.

We have added a half dozen or more new stocks and at least that many new finishes. For almost 20 years the Hunter stock, a copy of a Sako Hunter which has been adapted for almost every type of rifle we make stocks for, has been the best-selling hunting stock we have made. It wasn’t 6 months after we came out with the Game Scout that it began to out sell the Hunter, and is now the hottest selling hunting stock we make. Probably everyone familiar with McMillan stocks knows the success of the McMillan A5. Not only is it the best-selling McMillan stock of all time, nearly every one of our competitors makes something that closely resembles the A5. We are continuously making more A5 molds to keep up with the demand.

McMillan competition stocksMcMillan Fiberglass Stocks originally grew out of the competitive shooting environment. While working on the rifle company I let some of our focus on McMillan Fiberglass Stocks slip. We are now refocused on making a big impact in that sector. McMillan is a Gold Medal Sponsor of the USA Rifle Team, specifically sponsoring the F Class F-TR team. With the introduction of the Xit, the first McMillan stock made specifically for the F-TR shooters, we have made a significant contribution to this fast growing sport. Since early 2015 Team USA has won the Americas Cup at the Canadian Nationals, set a new Team World record with rifles shooting the Xit. Team member Derek Rodgers set an individual World record score shooting a rifle equipped with the Xit.

King of the 2 mile

Currently we are involved in promoting a growing and exciting new sport ELR® (Extreme Long Range). In June of 2016 Team Applied Ballistics placed first, second and fourth in the King of the 2 Mile held at Raton New Mexico and the Whittington Center. Shooting rifles equipped with McMillan stocks, all three shooters had first round hits at distances ranging from 1500 yards to 2700 yards.

The Applied Ballistics team was Mitch Fitzpatrick and Brian Litz with Paul Phillips as wind coach. Mitch placed first with a rifle he built himself. Brian placed second. He owns Applied Ballistics, developed the ballistics calculator the team used for the ballistic solutions and designed the bullets used by all three shooters. Paul placed fourth. All three shooters shoot for Team USA F Class F-TR team. Completing the McMillan equipped sweep the third place winner was shooting a McMillan Tac-50 with a McMillan stock.

With McMillan a sponsor of the 2017 King of the 2 Mile Shoot, I have developed the ELR® BEAST™ stock specifically for this type of competition. Since these rifles are using 2 inch receivers with barrels that are two inches at the breach and an inch and three eights at the muzzle (38 inches overall), the stocks need to be designed and built specifically to support these barrels and an over-all rifle weight up to 50 pounds. Watch the website for photos and info.

ELR stock

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In an exciting and recent development, VoiceAmerica.com, an internet radio station, invited me to host a one hour show on their sports channel. It airs at 12:00 PM Arizona time every Friday. We have guests on to discuss anything and everything related to firearms and the shooting sports. I am excited about hosting the program and look forward to having many interesting guests join me. From time to time we will have listeners call in with questions or comments. I hope to hear from you during a future broadcast. Want to replay our live broadcast from the annual Shooting Hunting Outdoors Trade Show (aka, SHOT Show)? It’s right here on our site.