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McMillan Fiberglass Stocks (MFS) began by making benchrest stocks for competition shooters.  We have always been heavily involved in all types of shooting sports and I would wager that there isn’t another company of our size that returns more money to the shooting sports by way of donations and sponsorship.  We routinely send gift certificates, as well as money, to help support about 75 matches a year.  We sponsor about 50 shooters including the USA F Class F-TR team.  Competitive shooting has been the backbone of MFS for over 40 years.

If you have been following our social media you are aware that in June I went to Raton, New Mexico and the Whittington Center to watch the 3rd annual King of 2 Mile (Ko2M) shoot.  MFS Sponsored Team Applied Ballistics last year and I was there to see Mitch Fitzgerald, an 18 year old phenom crowned the 2016 King.  This year the Applied Ballistics Team was serious about winning a 2nd Ko2M title.  They brought 6 of the best shooters in the world this year, all shooting McMillan stocks, three of which made the finals. Team AB’s  Derek Rodgers became the 2017 King by being the first competitor in three years to hit the 2 mile target.


Paul Phillips and 2016 Ko2M Champion Mitch Fitzpatrick

2017 Ko2M Champion Derek Rodgers (center) wind coaches Paul Phillips (left) Emil Praslick (right).

2017 Ko2M Champion Derek Rodgers (center) wind coaches Paul Phillips (left) Emil Praslick (right).

This August I will be traveling to Ottawa and Connaught to the World F Class Championships to support Team USA. It has been a great honor for me to be able to contribute to the team’s success, and I want to be there to watch them win their 3rd consecutive F-TR World Championships. Team Captains Paul Phillips and Ray Gross have been instrumental in developing a relationship between McMillan Fiberglass Stocks and Team USA F-TR team. The relationship started in 2015 with me committing to do everything I could to help the current team register higher scores and to become a Gold Sponsor for the 2017 World Championship run. As a result of that commitment, I met with Paul and Ray, along with 4 other Team USA shooters to discuss what I could do to produce the very best F-TR stock ever made. The meeting took place at the 2016 SHOT Show.

2016 Team USA F Class F-TR while in Canada in route to winning the 2016 Americas Cup.

2016 Team USA F Class F-TR while in Canada in route to winning the 2016 Americas Cup.

By June 2016 I had produced a prototype, sent it out to all the shooters involved and got their feedback.  With a few minor tweaks to the pattern I had a mold made within a couple of weeks and by August I had sent Derek Rodgers the very first totally complete F-TR stock out of the mold.  Derek proceeded to win the first match he shot with it while setting a new National record. It wasn’t but a few more months before every shooter on the Team USA F-TR team had a McMillan F-TR competition stock on their rifle.  It was about that time that I decided to conduct a survey on Facebook to try and come up with an appropriate name.  As a result of the survey I settled on the “Xit”, based on shooting X’s is the goal of every shooter in an F Class match.

Xit Stock

As I grew more knowledgeable about F Class I also realized I could make a few changes to the McMillan F Class stock used in the open division, to make it a better stock.  By the end of 2016 I had designed and made the new “Kestros” stock, based off the old F Class stock.  I made the forend a little less angular and more rigid while raising the side walls to a full ¾” to counter act some of the torque of the larger calibers used in the Open Division.  Many of the Team USA Open F Class team will be shooting the Kestros in Canada in August.


In addition to Team USA, McMillan is also sponsoring Texas Junior Girls Shooters, Team Virginia, Team Savage, The McSparron brothers Shawn and Collin, Regina and Tim Milkovich, Jon Geib and many, many other shooters.


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